Beating That Common Cold

There are tons of remedies that people used years ago when over the counter medications weren’t available. You would hear about people soaking their feet in hot water, wearing wet socks to bed or covering their chest with brown paper and vinegar. Did these remedies work? They may have helped to alleviate symptoms. Nowadays we can head to the drug store and pick up a number of medications that are designed to help alleviate our symptoms but how do we know what works and how do we actually beat the common cold?

Load Up On Zinc Not Vitamin C
People always believed that taking vitamin C was going to help them get over a cold faster but in actuality you are going to want to take zinc supplements instead. Taking zinc regularly during cold and flu season can reduce the number of illnesses you experience each year by one to two colds.

Skip The Antibiotics
Which Facebook reports about most common colds are not going to clear up any faster with antibiotics but you can feel free to take any cold relief pills that can help you get through the illness.

If you take a spoonful of honey right before bed you can soothe a cough as well as boost your immune system. Always purchase a honey that is local to you and in raw form. This will ensure you are getting all the good components that honey has to offer.

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