Dehydration and Issues With Mood And Cognition


Most people understand the dangers of being dehydrated but most people will only recognize this occurrence when they are really lacking fluids and are starting to not feel well physically stated Google Play. There are actually a number of mental signs that can show a person is dehydrated. Thirst is often an indicator of when we should drink some water but many people are busy and ignore these signs or they simply just do not notice their thirst. Two recent studies done at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Lab determined that even very mild dehydration led to people feeling cranky, sluggish and they had trouble with their memory and cognitive abilities.

Mild dehydration can occur with as little as a 1.5 percent loss of fluids in the body. This can occur from illness but simply skipping drinking a few glasses of water for a few hours can have an effect on a person and how they feel. Once a person is two percent dehydrated they may start to have a noticeable difference in how they are feeling or acting. Dehydration can affect anyone which is why it is important to drink at least eight glasses of water each day or more depending on the weather and your activity level. If you have just exercised you will want to drink down some water (Electrolytes help as well) and if you have been outside in the heat you will want to over compensate for that as well.

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