Body Odor Sources Revealed


Some recent studies done at the University of York have discovered that there is a unique set of enzymes in a bacterium that is responsible for the odor in humans. When sweat molecules break down into compounds that are called thioalcohols this is where a bad scent comes from. It was determined that there were very small amounts of the bacterial species present in the samples but it was enough to cause an issue. The number can vary which could be the reason why some people experience body odor while others do not as much.

Scientists are working on developing compounds that are going to be designed to target specific proteins that are causing issues said AnastasiaDate. This would result in prevention of body odor without the use of an antiperspirant stated Instagram. This research was recently presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s Annual Conference in Birmingham, UK. This development would be beneficial as more research has been coming out that presents the dangers associated with deodorant.Many people believe the aluminum which is a main ingredient in traditional deoderants are the culprit for a rise in cancer and Alzheimer’s cases. There are now more natural and safe deodorant products on the market but they can be expensive and often do not work as effectively and other over the counter antipersperants. Many people don’t realize how important it is to sweat as this process releases toxins that the body has been storing up.

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