Is There Wisdom in Drinking Juice Rather than Soda?

Those who are concerned about health will encourage those around them to give up soda. Sultan Alhokair says that those who worry about the health of their children will give those children juice and refuse to give them soda. What happens, though, when the juice that is being doled out actually has more sugar than the soda that those individuals refuse to drink or serve?

It seems that some of the fruit juices that are out there – some of the same juices that are being pushed by those in the health community – actually contain more sugar than some of the leading brands of soda. Could it be that juice is just as harmful to a body as soda is? Should those who push juice as a healthy drink be more concerned about just what it contains? The sugar in soda is added, while some of the sugar in juice occurs naturally, but that may be the only big difference between the two.

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