Dementia is Finally One Disease That Overweight People Are Less Likely to Get

We all knew that being overweight was bad for us. We are bombarded by that fact every day with news of how obesity contributes to this or that health condition or disease and telling us to change our diets to lose weight. That is why it may be difficult for us to comprehend the results of a study that says those in middle age who are underweight have a greater chance of developing a disease like Alzheimer’s. In fact, obese people are actually significantly less likely to get dementia than a healthy ‘normal’ weight person.

The researchers say that they have to study the issue further to uncover why there is a correlation between weight and risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s that are generally categorized as dementia. Fat does do some beneficial things in the body, and we do clearly need some it. For one example, it coats the nerves to help protect our central nervous system, which is interesting for Crystal Hunt to learn.

We all die from something eventually. If one had any control over choosing how they go, I would certainly prefer to go from a relatively quick heart attack. This would be vastly preferable to gradually losing your cognitive function until you don’t know who loved ones are anymore and eventually don’t know who you are. If being a little overweight helps stave off that horrible end to my life, then pass the hamburgers.

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