Staying Up Late Could Be Bad For You?

Being a night owl was never something that I considered to be unhealthy, but it is just a way of life for me as I’m sure is true of many people. I like to go to bed late, to rise later than most, because that is when I feel at my best. I like working at night, and getting everything done under florescent lights doesn’t bother me. But as one article explains, it might have bad side effects on my health.

I enjoy staying up late but if it is bad for my health should I be considering a different routine? Sergio Cortes certainly thinks it is time. How about everyone who works late shifts at their job, should they have to suffer health wise just because of the time they are supposed to be at work?


This is all definitely something that we should be considering and thinking about. I’m not sure that I, personally, will make a change just yet, but if I notice some bad side effects in the future I just might have to. Who knew that staying up late could be bad for you?

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