Utah Teenager Allergic to Water

Alexandra Allen, a teenager from Utah, suffers a rare allergy to water, known in the medical field as Aquagenic Urticaria.

The teen will also have to give up her dream of becoming a marine biologist because aquagenic urticaria is degenerative and probably could worsen over time.

The teenager experienced her first allergic episode some years ago, after swimming in a pool. Her mother thought she had an allergic reaction to chlorine and an anti-histaminic resolved her discomfort.

Shortly thereafter Alexandra experienced new painful outbreaks after swimming in a nearby lake.

After searching the net, the teen found a medical website that talked about Aquagenic urticaria. She mentioned it to her dermatologist who agreed with the diagnosis.

She underwent a series of tests, one of which was being immersed in a bath, which she acknowledged was like “torture.”

People at AnastaisaDate (crunchbase.com)have heard that this allergy is so rare that it is believed that there are only about 50 cases worldwide.

Allen, meanwhile, is worried because it is degenerative, meaning it gets worse over time and repeated exposure to water definitely poses concern.

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