All About Radiology

A medical specialty that is centered around creating images of the interior of the human body, radiology has become a very popular and lucrative career option. In order to do this job, radiologists use a number of different energy sources which include x-rays, ultrasound technology and a magnetic resonance. Without having to open the body to make a discovery or diagnosis, radiology is non-invasive; providing black and white images to medical staff for review. This can be a very beneficial way to diagnose a problem without having to inflict any kind of harm or pain on a patient.

Before radiology was created a patient could really only have their organs examined during a surgical procedure or after death. Radiology has come a long way since its inception and is now used all across the world for a number of uses, mainly to solve questions regarding how a body is functioning. Radiology can also allow for a better diagnosis or treatment option. Radiology scans can be shared amongst medical professionals for second and third opinions. These pictures create a very accurate and permanent vision that can be referred back to many times over again. It can also be a starting point. More scans can be done as time goes on to mark changes that may be occurring, either good or bad.

A primary care doctor can best spend his or her time taking care of a patient and helping them manage their health or health conditions. A radiologist is a separate professional that takes on the task of diagnostic testing, consulting with the doctor when needed but for the most part, taking on the testing side of things on their own. Most general practitioners, specialists and internists all have an ongoing business relationship with a radiology clinic where patients can go and have their imaging done. The results are then passed between the radiologist and the internal doctor.

While at one time radiologists were simple kept around to read final scans, now they are very much involved in the process, administering dyes by IV, catheters, balloons into arteries and so on. Competent image taking is just one of the many steps of being a radiologist.

Imaging Advantage is a leader in the radiology field of medicine. Professional staff is available both night and day to give a final reading of results and there is a separate billing department that works closely with hospitals and doctor’s offices to provide proper patient assistance. Our company focuses on enhancing the existing radiology services that are offered in the area and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and care that we provide. We have one of the finest staffs of radiologists on hand.

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