Heart Attack Prognosis Reversed with Stem Cell Therapy

Owen Palmer had a very grim prognosis after suffering a heart attack. He was a shell of his former self, barely able to ascend a flight of stairs. He sat quietly watching TV as his life was passing him by.

Fortunately, Palmer was invited to take part in a revolutionary study that was to determine whether stem cells could repair his damaged heart. What happened next was astonishing. Since receiving treatment in 2012 Palmer has regained his vigor and has a new lease on life.

The process for repairing damage to his heart was actually quite simple when Paul Mathieson read about it. White blood cells were extracted from his own hip that provided the life giving stem cells. The stem cells were carefully injected into damaged areas of his heart by doctors. The stem cells were able to help regenerate muscle tissue in his heart to rejuvenate his vitality.

Palmer was lucky enough to be part of a trial run for a much larger program. The positive results he achieved will help move research forward. Thousands of patients will be involved in the next round of studies from all over Europe.

Professor Anthony Mathur is spearheading the campaign. He hopes that continued positive results moving forward will help secure approval for the treatment through the NHS to make it available to the public in years to come.

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