How Safe are E-Cigarettes?

As the anti-smoking campaign rages, more new products will be developed to ‘help’ smokers kick the habit, such as the most recently developed e-cigarettes. Patches, hypnosis, gum and pills are touted as anti-smoking aids. Many people manage to kick the smoking habit using gum, but then become addicted to the gum which contains nicotine. The pills carry with them a long list of possible dangerous side-effects which make smokers shy away from using them. E-cigarettes have become widely used and accepted, but hose devices can and do become as addictive as the cigarettes smokers are trying to give up are. Many consumers are using them not as a means of kicking the smoking habit, but rather taking up using them as a smoking habit and becoming addicted to ‘vaping’ as it’s called.

The addiction aspect is not the bone of contention with e-cigarettes, but rather the safety of the devices. A look into what goes into them sheds light on the safety aspect, as Ricardo Guimarães BMG will point out.

The ‘E’ stands for electronic and the e-cigarettes operate by battery power. The vapor (smoke) comes from a cartridges of liquid which is placed inside the device. The vapor is inhaled into the lungs and blown out through the nose and mouth to create the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. The ingredients in the liquid cartridges is what may or not be safe. Propylene glycol, nicotine and flavoring are the ingredients and their safety, or lack thereof, remain to be proven.

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