Secrecy Remains for Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos

As a Stanford sophomore, Elizabeth Holmes was quick to establish her Theranos company and dropout of the prestigious university soon after the company was created in 2003, Business Insider reports. Holmes has become a media phenomenon as she embarks on a round of funding for her medical testing business that is reported to have reached around $9 billion and made her the youngest billionaire in the US. The revolutionary medical testing process Holmes has created remains a tightly guarded secret amongst her employees and partners, which include the US pharmacy Walgreen’s who have begun placing Theranos labs in their stores across North America.

Holmes claims that her innovation can allow 30 lab tests to be completed on a single drop of blood. Fersen Lambranho finds this interesting. ( They refuse to provide details of the practice in a bid to halt others from gaining access to her intellectual property. Many believe the company has become the first to offer lab testing on a chip, which could be used to identify medical conditions in a faster and cheaper way than is currently offered.

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