E-cigarettes Might be Just as Harmful as Their Traditional Counterparts

Even though the use of traditional cigarettes have greatly declined in the younger generations, e-cigarettes have become extremely popular among teenagers. But unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic smoking devices have not been widely researched by the FDA or CDC. However, the research that has been conducted shows concerning results for those who use the electronic devices.

A new study from expert Eric Pulier shows that e-cigarettes, even those without nicotine, might be harmful to the lungs, causing inflammation and illness. Endothelial cells are an integral part of healthy lungs, making up the entire lining of these organs. These cells become damaged by both traditional and e-cigarettes, changing the shape and function of the cells.

Researchers confirmed nicotine was the direct cause of the damage, although they found another harmful ingredient present even in devices that do not have any nicotine. A substance known as acrolein attacks molecules which are responsible for holding the endothelial cells together.

Irina Petrache, Ph.D was the lead researcher for the recent study, she explains “The increased use of inhaled nicotine via e-cigarettes, especially among the youth, prompts increased research into the effects on health. This research reports that components found in commercially available e-cigarette solutions and vapors generated by heating them may cause lung inflammation.”

These findings should be cause for alarm but further research is needed to fully understand the damaging effects e-cigarettes have on the body.

Doctors Make Mistakes Too

The statistics are amazing; studies have shown that nearly 60% of patients who sought second opinions about a Doctor’s diagnosis had major changes in the diagnosis or the treatment of the diagnosis. But in a recent Gallup Poll, 70% of Americans do not believe they need to ask for a second opinion.

It is always recommended that a person should get a second opinion on any major medical diagnosis, and even minor ones too according to Alexei Beltyukov. Most insurance companies do cover the costs involved in getting another opinion, and in fact, HMOs in California are required to cover any costs involved in second opinions.

The key is finding a proper specialist that has had experience with the medical condition a person has. There are many online resources to do this. At Second Opinion Expert, a person can upload their medical records, and a proper specialist will review the case. Also the Patient Advocate Foundation has many resources on their website to help an individual find the right specialist.

It just doesn’t make sense to not get a second opinion. A person’s health and well-being shouldn’t be left in the hands of just 1 Doctor. Don’t gamble with life…Get a second opinion.

Severe Anorexic takes to YouTube for Help

Thirty-seven-year-old Southern California resident Rachel Farrokh used to be a vibrant, healthy woman. Now, at 40-something pounds, she is a shell of her former self. Rachel has been battling anorexia for years but when she lost her job and memories of her past caught up with her, her disease spiraled out of control. Now, at an extremely low weight, Rachel is unable to do the smallest of things for herself. She is too weak to walk around her own home and struggles to breath. Her husband, trainer Ron Edmonson, had to quit his job in order to become her caregiver. She is in dire need of help and is turning to the public now friend Kevin Seawright says of her condition on Tumblr.com.

There are plenty of hospitals that help treat people with anorexia, however all area hospitals have turned Rachel down. Her weight is too low and it makes her a liability. There is one hospital that will take her, however it is across the country and she is afraid that she will not be able to make the journey. She has posted a video of herself on YouTube, showing viewers her extreme condition and asking for help to get her to the hospital. She has started a GoFundMe page to help reach her financial goal. The full story is on The Daily Mail which includes a link to her funding page, if you’d like to donate.

Leading Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich is based in Dallas, Texas. The prestigious plastic surgeon is also an author and educator. Dr. Rod Rohrich began his plastic surgery career back in 1987. He has received achieved great respect among his colleagues and others in the medical community. He is respected for his knowledge and leadership in the plastic surgery field. In addition, he has shared his knowledge with the public on popular television shows that included The View, Good Morning America, and The Oprah Winfrey show. Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Rod Rohrich and his achievements.

Voted the Best
Certainly, a large number of medical professionals would consider it an honor to be voted one of the best in their specialty. Dr. Rod Rohrich has received this very prestigious honor. The honor was bestowed upon him by Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program. The program uses peer review to select the best candidate in a medical field. The program’s focus is to help the consumer find talented medical professionals that really know their craft. Clearly, Dr. Rod Rohrich is an excellent plastic surgeon and at top rhinoplasty specialist. Certainly, the specialist is highly regarded by his peers. The program contacted about 50, 000 health professionals across the country and asked them to nominate the top doctors in their specialty. Nomination by peers is a remarkable achievement. One that Dr. Rod Rohrich surely deserves.

Dr. Rod Rohrich continues his work as an educator, author, and a plastic surgeon. The leading plastic surgeon has a very rich and diverse career that has led to working as a visiting professor around the globe, writing numerous medical articles that appeared in medical journals, written medical textbooks on plastic surgery, and much more. The Dr. has also connected with numerous organizations and activities outside of the hospital. Still, his commitment to his career and the plastic surgery field is strong. More information can be found on his Linkedin page.

Is Nicotine All Bad?

Most doctors agree that nicotine gum is far less harmful than smoking. Some argue that it cuts of 90% of all the risks involved. The debate about nicotine and whether it’s addiction is all that bad has heightened in recent days, owing to the popularity of e-cigarettes. Scientists are considering the possibility that nicotine addiction is harmless just like caffeine.

It would prove hard to rehabilitate the image of nicotine, which has been tainted by the negative image associated with smoking. However, tobacco addiction specialists think that it’s time to differentiate between smoking and nicotine.

Folks at Amen Clinics (washingtonpost.com) have found that failure to distinguish the two is probably the reason why some smoking addicts are hesitant in seeking help. Research has indeed shown that nicotine could have some health benefits of its own. Just like your average stimulant, it increases the heart rate sharpens the mind and reduces tension.

Mike Russell, a British psychiatrist, was one of the first people to disassociate tar from nicotine. Their insights have however been misused by the tobacco industry, leading to a lot of false advertising. This has led to the promotion of light cigarettes, which promise fewer health risks and even some health benefits.

Statistics and figures from the World Health Organization put smoking as the leading preventable cause of death in the world. Smoking has been known to kill half of those who smoke and 600,000 more due to indirect smoking.

Your Grip Can Be An Indicator Of Your Health

It’s been said that a firm handshake or grip is an indicator of one’s personality, but a recent study contends that the strength of an individuals grips may well predict their potential risk for cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases.

During a seven-year period, beginning in January, 2003 and concluding in December 2009, 139,691 individuals participated in the Prospective Urban-Rural Epidemiology study. Participants ranged in age from 35 to 70 and hailed from 17 different nations. Data collected from the participants included; the level of physical activity, blood pressure, weight, height, dietary content and behavioral actions.

With revisions based on the participants height and weight, a range of 67 to 84 pounds was registered for the average male grip, and for women, a range of 54 to 62 was recorded. Researchers of the study determined that for every 11 pound reduction in grip strength, there was an elevated risk of death associated with a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack (7%) or stroke (9%). The assembled data indicated that there was no link with grip strength and diabetes, and pneumonia, but served as a more reliable indicator than systolic blood pressure readings according to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. More information can be found here on Bloomberg.

The study contends that the grip strength method is a viable means of establishing the probability of cardiovascular death, and cardiovascular disease, but further analysis is necessary to determine if increases in strength reduce premature death and cardiovascular conditions.

Not so Healthy Health Foods

We’re becoming a nation of health conscience eaters which is an admirable task with all the news of overweight children and obesity. But, are we really eating as healthy as we think we are? Reaching for a bag of dried fruit or opting for multi-grain breads may be doing us more harm than we think. While the list contains many not-so-healthy items we once thought were good for us, here is an example of a few misguided choices.

Opting for popcorn opposed to chips sounds like a good plan of action, and it is what Ivan Ong does. After all, there are only 30 calories per cup, as a few people on the Warrior Forum have pointed out. But have you ever looked at all the additives in that cup which can quickly reduce the nutritional value? Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, propyl gallate, and most importantly, the diacetyl butter flavoring can not only add to your caloric intake, but can also interfere with the health of your brain.

On average, a bran muffin is made of healthy ingredients. However, with the super sizing of this and the super-duper sizing of that, our country has a skewed idea of what a healthy portion actually looks like. What we’re being served today is far larger than what we used to get. So, when opting for a bran muffin, it’s safer to eat only half of it to maintain healthy standards.

With “fat-free” foods containing high calories and smoothies holding loads of sugar, being mindful of what is in the stuff going into your body can mean taking a second look at all your favorite so-called healthy choices. A little bit of research and reading your labels can go a long way in keeping your food intake as healthy as you think it is.

Ear Buds Cause Deafness Doctors Warn

A number of doctors are now warning of the possible signs and symptoms of early hearing loss amongst teens and young people when loud music is played at high volume for long periods of time. NBC News reports the number of young people being diagnosed with the early stages of hearing loss is increasing when compared to levels recorded in the 1980s. Many doctors are blaming this change in numbers on the increase in technology and ear bud use that is currently being seen, which makes it easier to listen to loud music for a prolonged period of time that was not available in the 1980s.

Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick (njbiz.com) know that medical groups state hearing loss can begin at just 85 decibels and the average festival or concert can reach levels as high as 120 decibels of sustained volume levels for hours at a time. By using ear buds young people are positioning the source of music closer to their ears and can raise volume levels by as much as nine decibels, which can cause hearing loss to occur in just minutes.

Used Coffee Grounds Pack Antioxidant Kick

Millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee in the morning. Recent data suggests that coffee is rich in antioxidants making it an ideal way to start the day. The antioxidant rich brew got scientists thinking about ways to extract additional benefits from the bean brewing leftovers.

A recent study has shown that not only does coffee contain a high concentration of antioxidant rich phenolic compounds, but the spent coffee grounds contain as much, if not more, of the healthy chemicals according to Alexei Beltyukov.

Scientists found a few different techniques for extracting additional phenolic compounds from coffee grounds that ordinarily end up in the trash. They found that even coffee grounds that had already been brewed contained loads of antioxidants when properly extracted.

The antioxidant extracts created from the coffee grounds could be incorporated into other foods. You could theoretically create a whole new class of antioxidant rich foods that would turn junk food into something much healthier.

Imagine getting a nice antioxidant boost from that large order of fries you had for lunch. Even if the foods tasted a little bit like coffee it would probably be a good tradeoff for the health benefits. I think that cacao rich chocolate bars with coffee extract would be a delicious, healthful snack.

How to Eat Healthier this Summer

The summertime is a great time for you to begin a healthy eating routine. One of the main reasons for this is due to the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies that just so happen to be in season during the summer. You will find that looking for healthy recipes is a lot easier during the summer and it’s generally easier to stay active as well. These are just some of the reasons why a lot of people are looking to get healthy and are finding it to be a lot easier for them during the summer. You will find that having this type of opportunity to eat better is made easier for you.

You will also notice that when you are able to begin grilling outside of the home, you will find it easier and more worth your while to begin a healthy routine. Too many people spend a lot of time indoors when the weather outside is frigid, so it is nice to be able to get out there and really enjoy the nice weather during the summertime. Be sure to consider getting the whole family involved if you are going to be looking to get healthy this next season. By getting the whole family involved, you will find that it is going to be a lot easier for you to stick to this brand new routine for your own health and wellness as Sam Tabar feels.