Doctors Are Reporting Links Between Climate Change and Their Patient’s Health

Leading health practitioners, with the backing of the White House, are warning that climate change is becoming a health risk. The symptoms are becoming clearer while the risks are increasing by the day. This is a diagnosis that should worry everyone.

Doctors and nurses at Amen Clinic are witnessing more evidence showing the link between climate change and the increasing health cases, both in epidemiological data and also in their patients (data figures on Wired). There have been more cases of respiratory illnesses and heart related problems.

President Obama and his administration have been keen in exposing the effects of climate change. Last month he confirmed that the risk that climate change poses to our health is real and even committed funds, which will be channeled towards the strengthening of health data and increasing our preparedness.

There have been warnings about the impact of climate change for years but the threat is now becoming real. Doctors are already seeing the signs in their patients. Seven out of the ten members of the American Thoracic Society have reported that their patients are being affected by climate change.

The effects of climate change could get worse. Calamities such as drought, storms and heat waves, are said to pose very direct threats to our health. Climate change will also lead to social and economic costs, which will even surpass the costs that would be incurred if preventive measures would be taken to curb climate change.

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