Alcohol Poisoning

If you are an alcohol drinker, you have obviously experienced the short term effects of heavy drinking. From hangovers, sleepless nights etc., the effects that alcohol has on the body may impact your life in varying ways.

The body can only process one unit of alcohol in one hour. If you take large amounts of it in a short amount of time, consequences are bound to occur. Large amounts of alcohol in the blood can affect the bodily functions.

Alcohol slows down the brain leading to a loss in balance. It cause stomach irritation which then leads to vomiting. It can also stop the gag reflexes from proper functioning, which means that you can not only choke on your vomit but also inhale the vomit in your lungs.

Alcohol can also slow down or stop your breathing or heartbeat. This is because it affects the nerves that control this functions. It can cause dehydration increasing the risk for permanent brain damage. It can also cause hypothermia due to reduced temperatures and cause seizures due to low blood sugar levels.

It is important to note all the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, to be able to deal with it when it arises. There are a lot of myths about what should be done in case of alcohol poisoning. Kknowing what to do and not what to do, Marcio Alaor instructs, will make the difference in a life and death situation.

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