Chia Seeds May Fight Cancer

A Canadian student won first place in the Hydro-Québec Science Expo in April for his research on cancer fighting properties of chia seeds. Eighteen-year-old Olivier Cloutier, from Remouski, Québec, analyzed the makeup of the chia seeds to determine what, if anything, the seeds had within their composition that would help to ward off cancer.

Cloutier discovered that some of the extracts could possibly prevent cancer cells from growing, and they may also kill the cells. He found this to be very promising when it comes to a form of colon cancer. The young scientist is now working with a local pharmacology company to further explore his findings.

Chia seeds have come into the forefront of nutrition in recent years and have been touted as a super food, although the Aztecs cultivated them hundreds of years ago. Alexei Beltyukov says they come from the plant, Salvia hispanica, and contain fiber, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals.

Whether chia seeds can actually be used to fight cancer remains to be seen. There’s no doubt, though, that they’re packed with great nutritional benefits.

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