McDonalds And Its Negative Effect On Gut Health

It is well known that unhealthy eating revolves around junk food and fast food but not a lot people understand just how unhealthy it can be to eat fast food on a regular basis. Tim Spector and Bruce Karatz, a research team at King’s College in London, explains that fast food chains like McDonalds can completely destroy a person’s gut health in a very short amount of time. Spector actually had his son eat McDonalds for ten full days straight. This diet consisted of Big Macs, chicken nuggets, fries and soda. None of the healthier items were allowed such as the salads, grilled chicken sandwiches or fruit parfaits. Stool samples were collected throughout the two weeks and were tested at a number of different labs.

For the first few days, Spector’s son was doing alright. After that he experienced fatigue and began to look generally unwell. The lab results showed that the son’s gut bacteria was drastically decreased. 1,400 types of bacteria were now gone; making up forty percent of his overall beneficial-bacteria levels. Two weeks after the study was done, the gut bacteria levels had not budged and had not returned to normal. This shows you can go downhill pretty quickly with fast food but it will take a lot longer to recover. All good things should be done in moderation and it seems fast food like McDonalds is one of these things.

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