Parents of Overweight Children Say They Look ‘Just Right’

Obesity has been on the rise for several decades now, and it is affecting future generations as well. Now, researchers have discovered a problematic among parents of overweight kids. According to a new study, 94.9 percent of parents said their kids look “just right” even through they are clearly overweight for their age.

The skewed perceptions of parents have seem to gotten worse over the years as well, with a 30 percent increase within the last three decades. Low income and African American families were found to have less accurate perceptions of their children than any other group in the study.

GallagherFuneralHome even reported that the study was led by Dustin T. Duncan at the Department of Population Health in New York explains “We have changed our perceptions of what our weight ideals are.” According to Duncan the rise in misconceptions of obesity in children is due to being overweight becoming the new norm.

So, these results are concerning for a number of reasons. It suggests the obesity problem will only get worse in years to come and also that children are not being taught what being healthy really looks like. Processed foods and misguided nutritional standards are certainly also part of the problem. The most important thing we can do as a society is teach our children how to eat healthy and get regular exercise, while also letting them know what can happen if they continue bad habits as they grow older.

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