Rohrich Says Plastic Surgery Risks Can Be Controlled

As patients are warned prior to operations, all surgeries come with risks. In the case of one popular type of cosmetic surgery, facelifts, such surgeries can result in upward spiking of blood pressure, resulting in a hematoma. More commonly known as bruising, the condition causes blood pooling under the skin’s surface and can damage it. The risk of hematomas is not uncommon in such surgical procedures, and until recently, a risk that two to thirteen percent of all facelift patients faced. But now results of a study released by a prominent American surgeon offer hope that most facelift patients will come through this surgery unmarred.

As reported in a story that originally aired on WDRB 41 Louisville News, Dr. Rod Rohrich‎, an award winning plastic surgeon on the faculty of the University of Texas’s Southwestern Medical Center revealed results of a multi-year study. The study’s subjects were more than a thousand patients of Dr. Rohrich’s that had undergone facelifts. Less than one percent of these patients experienced a hematoma during surgery when Dr. Rohrich applied special techniques during the procedure.

Regardless of a patient’s pre-operative health, his or her blood pressure tends to climb upwards during surgery. Dr. Rohrich theorized that elevated blood pressure was leading to hematomas in some of these patients. To circumvent this, Dr. Rodrich began a surgical protocol of treating each facelift patient with general anesthesia as well as several types of hypertension medication. The objective was to keep the patient’s blood pressure under 140mmHg during and after surgery.

After observing the post surgical results over a number of years, Dr. Rohrich feels that there is a direct link between surgical hypertension treatment and post-surgical lack of hematomas. As a result, he recently published an article in theJournal Of Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery in which he recommends adopting his protocol to avoid this surgical complication. His hope is that other plastic surgeons will further refine and enhance hypertension treatment to avoid plastic surgery complications.

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