Is Nicotine All Bad?

Most doctors agree that nicotine gum is far less harmful than smoking. Some argue that it cuts of 90% of all the risks involved. The debate about nicotine and whether it’s addiction is all that bad has heightened in recent days, owing to the popularity of e-cigarettes. Scientists are considering the possibility that nicotine addiction is harmless just like caffeine.

It would prove hard to rehabilitate the image of nicotine, which has been tainted by the negative image associated with smoking. However, tobacco addiction specialists think that it’s time to differentiate between smoking and nicotine.

Folks at Amen Clinics ( have found that failure to distinguish the two is probably the reason why some smoking addicts are hesitant in seeking help. Research has indeed shown that nicotine could have some health benefits of its own. Just like your average stimulant, it increases the heart rate sharpens the mind and reduces tension.

Mike Russell, a British psychiatrist, was one of the first people to disassociate tar from nicotine. Their insights have however been misused by the tobacco industry, leading to a lot of false advertising. This has led to the promotion of light cigarettes, which promise fewer health risks and even some health benefits.

Statistics and figures from the World Health Organization put smoking as the leading preventable cause of death in the world. Smoking has been known to kill half of those who smoke and 600,000 more due to indirect smoking.

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