Not so Healthy Health Foods

We’re becoming a nation of health conscience eaters which is an admirable task with all the news of overweight children and obesity. But, are we really eating as healthy as we think we are? Reaching for a bag of dried fruit or opting for multi-grain breads may be doing us more harm than we think. While the list contains many not-so-healthy items we once thought were good for us, here is an example of a few misguided choices.

Opting for popcorn opposed to chips sounds like a good plan of action, and it is what Ivan Ong does. After all, there are only 30 calories per cup, as a few people on the Warrior Forum have pointed out. But have you ever looked at all the additives in that cup which can quickly reduce the nutritional value? Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, propyl gallate, and most importantly, the diacetyl butter flavoring can not only add to your caloric intake, but can also interfere with the health of your brain.

On average, a bran muffin is made of healthy ingredients. However, with the super sizing of this and the super-duper sizing of that, our country has a skewed idea of what a healthy portion actually looks like. What we’re being served today is far larger than what we used to get. So, when opting for a bran muffin, it’s safer to eat only half of it to maintain healthy standards.

With “fat-free” foods containing high calories and smoothies holding loads of sugar, being mindful of what is in the stuff going into your body can mean taking a second look at all your favorite so-called healthy choices. A little bit of research and reading your labels can go a long way in keeping your food intake as healthy as you think it is.

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