Florists Creating Job for Special Needs Individuals

When those who have special needs set out to find jobs that work out for them they can have some trouble. There are certain jobs that those with special needs are just not ready to work, and then there are times when they apply for a job that they can work and the employer overlooks them. Those with special needs deserve the opportunity to work and earn their own living, but they can’t always find the kind of job that they want or need. One family is looking to change that.

There is a family of florists who are looking to create jobs for those with special needs. Inspired by an individual in their own family who is dealing with down syndrome, this family has decided that they are going to look out for those who have been unable to find the right job because of their special needs. Keith Mann isĀ glad this family is allowing individuals in need of jobs to find those jobs through the floral company that they have created.

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