Heartburn Medication May Increase Your Risk Of A Heart Attack


Recent research reveals that commonly prescribed heartburn medications may actually increase a person’s risk of having a heart attack according to Stanford University. Over sixteen million records were studies that included patients who were taking medication to reduce their stomach acid. Between sixteen and twenty-one percent of patients on these medications suffered some form of a heart attack while on the medication. The actual cause of the heart attack is unknown and cannot be proven that it is associated with medications like Prilosec, but the evidence is there. Scientists and medical professionals who have reviewed this information are strongly recommending that patients weight the risks and benefits of these
before taking them long term.

Of course, there are certain high risk groups that are more likely to have a heart attack from heartburn medication and this includes the elderly. However, patients of all ages did experience some form of a heart-related event while on this type of medication and even took to Facebook to share their experiences. Future research and studies will be done to try and determine if there is an actual link between these two. If so, why is that and what can be done to make this a safer treatment option for people with heartburn or acid reflux issues? Also, consider that many medications of this type are currently over the counter and can be purchased by anyone. This could change or it could simply mean that people are self-diagnosing when they should explore a better treatment option.

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