Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better

People have begun to grow bigger. This has been proven by research in recent years. The truth is that this is not just about obesity or being overweight either. It is that humans are naturally growing up to 4 inches taller. Does this mean we will eventually become giants? Probably not.

This research by Zeca Oliveira and team also showed that the average waist size for both men and women is growing as well, that data can be found in this journal of medicine. The average women now has a waist size that is around three feet. Men are measuring in at three and a half feet around. This means that clothes are also getting bigger.

Believing that all women must one a size 0 is simply not practical based on the nature of size. This is simply not practical. In terms of nature, we as a species are simply growing much larger than we were in the 1960’s. The twig sized women and rugged but slimmer men simply are not what nature has written for us.

Weight has been accompanying these size increases as well. The average woman can now expect her weight to be somewhere around 160-170 pounds. This is nowhere close to petit or even healthy. The bulk of the people in America are considered to be overweight. This also includes those 33% wwho are also considered to be obese.

Men rank no better, for they are tipping the scales at about 195. This is about 30 pounds heavier than they were in the 1960’s.

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