Approximately 500,000 Companies Already Got Rid of Trans-Fats Prior To FDA Announcement

Americans are going to be hearing a lot more about trans-fats in the coming months. The FDA has officially announed that it will soon begin implementing steps to phase out trans-fats. Their declaration will most largely affect fast food restaurants and processed food manufacturers. Trans-fats have been widely used to not only make food taste more enticing but to also give it a longer shelf life. These companies will not have to go back to the drawing board and work to evaluate their recipes in a way that they taste the same, or very similar, using different ingredients.


Some experts predict that this decision will raise food prices nationwide.¬†Those at Handy don’t really want to deal with that, especially after reading some takes on Twitter.¬†While many companies are upset about the hard work to come, others can sigh a breath of relief as they voluntarily removed trans-fasts from their menu items or grocery brand items. There are approximately 500,00 companies that have previously taken steps to remove trans-fats. In the coming months and years we will begin to see changes in the way we eat, this is only the beginning.

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