First Time Ever: McDonald’s Closes More Stores Than Opens This Year

For the first time in 45 times, the world famous hamburger chain is going to be closing down its doors for good as McDonald’s is starting to shrink a little bit. According to anĀ article found on reddit and written by Eater, this could even be the first time in the history of the franchise where more stores are being closed than opened this year. Even with all of these shrinking, it is needless to say that the company is still number one in the market for fast food being closely followed up Burger King.

I think that maybe they might be downsizing things so that they can have better control over their food and drink options according to Jaime Garcia Dias. Lots of new technology is coming out and they will need all the help they can get so that things don’t spiral in a crazy fashion just by going off feedback on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. It won’t be long before we will see new locations open again as they get back on track, as they have got to be one of the most beloved eateries on the planet.

One thing about McDonald’s that is cool is that depending on the location, there are special items on the menu to make it more customized for the place they are in. For example, Canada’s McDonald’s offer poutine on their menu and Maine has had lobster rolls on there once upon a time. Things will pick up again, for sure.

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