Ten Gems that will Awaken Your Fitness Plan

A fitness gem is a gem of wisdom that changes everything about the way you do your workout; they enhance your attitude and your fitness plan. A gem renews your resolve and changes your attitude. Daniel Amen knows that they keep you enthusiastic and get you back on track in no time.

Here are 10 simple and effective fitness gems from the experts.

1. The key is to find something active that you like doing every day. Find an activity that corresponds to the level you are on, and as you progress, you can increase or find a more challenging activity.
2. Increasing cardio is not necessarily the solution. Thirty minutes of High-Intensity Trading has been found to be much more efficient than an hour of steady cardio.
3. Turn your scale off. Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t focus on the numbers.
4. Set smaller goals that lead to your main goal.
5. Set a main goal that challenges you, maybe even scares you a little.
6. Take rest and muscle recovery seriously: start Yoga or Pilates, indulge in massages.
7. Take some time to actually learn about why you are doing what you are in your program.
8. Practice being mindful. Essentially this means becoming aware of the sensations of your body; how it feels both good and bad, and is it improving?
9. Mix it up. Muscles need a variety of exercises.
10. Don’t obsessively look in the mirror: You Look Fine.

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