North Korea Claims Miracle Drug can Cure AIDS, MERS and Ebola

Kim Jong Un has announced that North Korea has developed a drug that can cure MERS, Ebola and even AIDS. The announcement, released on Monday, comes in the wake of a MERS outbreak in rival, South Korea.

According to local reports, the drug is derived from ginseng and other natural ingredients, and can successfully fight off Ebola and MERS, as well as AIDS. Kim Jong Un failed to provide any scientific evidence of the drugs efficacy during the announcement.

Keith Mann knows that this is not the first time the nation’s leader has told a tall tale regarding the communist state’s drug research capabilities. The leader made claims in 2006 that the same drug could cure bird flu, a pandemic that sickened and killed thousands over the course of several months.

Experts in the medical community are skeptical to say the least, especially as the leader has claimed the same drug as a cure-all in the past.

The drug is known as Kumdang-2. Researchers have been working on the concoction for decades, but there is no word on where or how its efficacy was tested, or if it even exists.

North Korea is known for secrecy and an isolated attitude to world politics and the human plight.

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