The Growing Issue of Obesity

Obesity, one of America’s leading problems has continuously been studied and questioned on as to how it can ever be eliminated. Researchers who have persistently asked this question have come up with answers to help cure the problem of obesity.

Especially among children, obesity is a huge problem. Children are influenced by parents, income, as well as education. If healthy habits are not developed at an early age, it can be hard for the child to live a healthy life during their adult years.

With this new found discovery, legislators, policy makers, parents, and schools have all rallied together to help fix the problem of child obesity reports Susan Mcgalla. Schools have banned sugary beverages and instead have replaced these options with much healthier options such as water or milk. Legislators have also raised taxes on these sugary beverages as a way of making water the cheaper option.

Parents are especially important in this new battle to fight childhood obesity. Parents must educate their child on healthy habits and they must encourage physical activity. It has been proven that the children who take part in physical activity, tend not to be subjected to obesity.

If childhood obesity is eliminated, America would save billions of dollars on healthcare that goes towards bills. Prominent diseases that can kill children through obesity are cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. For this alone, it is important to eliminate obesity throughout the entire country.

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