North American Spine: Pioneers in Spinal Pain Management

North American Spine, located in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in minimally invasive spinal care. North American Spine has an 86% success rate and 92% of its patients would recommend their services to someone suffering with back and neck problems. Patients who review North American Spine agree that they are well-respected not only for the quality of treatments, but also for its ethics. If a doctor meeting with a new patient thinks a different treatment, one that they do not offer, would benefit the patient more, he or she will guide the patient to another facility to help. Bottom line, North American Spine just wants to the patient to feel better.

North American Spine works with top physicians in spinal and neck pain management, ensuring their patients receive the best possible care. All of the doctors who work with North American Spine are board certified; some are even double board certified, a rarity in any field. Patients can rest assured knowing they are in the care of the best doctors available in this field.

North American Spine is the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope Procedure. This procedure allows the doctors to treat a number of spinal conditions, such as herniated or bulging discs, pinched nerves, sciatica pains, etc. It’s minimally invasive and takes less than one hour to complete. It uses a very small laser that only treats the tissue it touches. Besides the benefit of avoiding surgery, this procedure also saves patients an average of $23,190 over 5 years because of the subsequent reduction in expenses, including medical visits and medications.

The facility was recently featured on KFOR, an NBC affiliate station in Oklahoma City for their use of the AccuraScope Procedure. The segment featured Joe Berry from Oklahoma and highlighted his personal story. Joe was a firefighter and EMT. He was in constant pain and was taking painkillers all day, every day. His doctor told him surgery (which would require taking one year off from work) was his only option. Joe sought help at North American Spine and decided to undergo the AccuraScope Procedure. Joe was able to walk out of the facility with immediate pain relief.

Investing Successfully In Brazil and Profiting Big

There are many aspects that need to be looked at in order to make a successful venture into investments. The world of investments is actually quite different than what many are used to. Many have been made to believe that working hard is all that is needed for financial success. In many cases, that is simply not true. While it is possible to be able to achieve wealthiness through hard work alone, there are other factors that one has to deal with in order to make that possible. Fortunately, the world of investments will help people learn to make the money work for them.

The best way to learn to invest successfully is to learn from successful investors. Investors like Igor Cornelsen has walked the path. He has made the mistakes and learned from them which eventually landed him into wealth. He has laid out the steps for people to study and follow. Among the most important steps involve actually getting to meet some of the people of Brazil. Brazil is a very social culture. There are plenty of entrepreneurs that are looking to make a name for themselves. Networking is a very important way to achieve business goals.

One very important thing to do is to be aware of the regulations that are set in place. It can be very frustrating to get around the regulations that are in place. Yet when one figures out how to work with the regulations in place, he will be on his way to a successful career in investments. These are actually simple steps. It could be somewhat difficult depending on the person’s level of comfort. Those who are able to push through the difficulty will find that the journey was worth it. With the right investments, the investor will make a big fortune.

Should a Dog Food Brand Care More About Pet or Person?

When it comes to the products that a dog food brand offers, should that brand be more concerned about the pet that the food is for or the individual who will be purchasing the food? When a brand sells dog food, should they be more concerned about putting out food that the animal will love, or should they be looking to create something that the pet owner is going to appreciate? I think that a dog food brand should work hard to create something that is going to go over well with both the pet and the person, something that is right for both of them.

Beneful knows how to please pet and person, and they have dog food options that are going to be loved by both. This dog food brand knows just what animals are looking for in the food that they are given, and they work hard to provide that. This brand also knows what humans are looking for in the food that they serve to their pets, and the brand also provides that. I think that Beneful is a good example of just how a dog food brand should be. I think that a dog food brand should look out for the pet and the person, and that the brand should work to satisfy them both.

NFL Union Wants to Settle Brady Issue

It appears that the players union for the NFL has proposed a settlement offer concerning the 4 game suspension Tom Brady must serve for his involvement in the Deflategate scandal. The proposal was submitted, but they have not heard back as of today. The NFL might be getting concerned as opening day is fast approaching and Roger Godell still has not come to any decision concerning lessening the penalties he imposed on the star quarterback.

An unnamed source has come out saying that the NFL players union is willing for Tom Brady to pay a huge fine in exchange for the 4 game suspension being lifted. The settlement with CEO James Dondero was met with silence, and it appears the commission will get to his decision when he feels he has taken in all the evidence presented by both sides of the debate. He appears to be in no rush as the preseason games are only weeks away.

This appears to be a no win situation for the star quarterback. If he is served the full suspension and decides to go to a higher court, this could drag on another year. If he accepts the deal, he is going to be branded a cheater the rest of his career and all those trophies will have come with a question of whether he cheated to attain all those victories. If he gets the suspension lifted and pays a huge fine, he will simply be known as another star player who received preferential treatment and bought his way out of trouble yet again.

Visual Search Changes Retail Experience

Imagine watching your favorite show and being able to instantly shop anything you see. Well, the idea will be reality before you realize. Slyce Inc. continues to perform as the leading presence in the visual search and recognition industry. The company is headquartered in Toronto and has created a name for themselves as being the “The Want Engine” in the retail and e-commerce space.

Slyce’s client acquisition include Fortune 50 company with an inventory of over 1.3 million products, among them are Toys”R”Us, Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, and Tilly’s. Its visual search platform integrates with retail brands and digital content providers and provides their customers an innovative way to discover by simply clicking images or products and making instant purchases over their mobile devices or on their desktop browsers.

Craves integrated with Slyce visual search technology has just been launched, a boutique fashion discovery app for iOS that uses advanced visual search. Craves is live to the public today and is a free download on iTunes. Google Shopping is being challenged by the visual bookmarking and search service Pinterest. Craves arrive at the right time which serves as a better tool for product discovery for consumers and connects them to trusted retailers and products they can buy now.

Visual search offers an advantage over keyword search. It is able to identify color, shape size and even text to identify brand and product names. It takes that convenience to the next level and cuts to the chase. If you see a product that you like and instead of asking where they bought the item, simply take a picture. Save the results in your app, no need of trying to remember the product or going to in-store to see if it’s available. Now with the visual search technology, you are able take a picture and have the search delivered to you instantly on your mobile device and buy it in seconds using your phone. We believe that visual search is going to change the retail experience forever.

On the Rise: North American Spine Undergoes Third Company Expansion

North American Spine will add over 4,000 square feet of workspace to their Dallas headquarters in order to keep-up with the company’s accelerated growth and future plans for expansion. According to a press release by MarketWatch on July 16th, the extra square footage will provide additional space for administrative supports, including patient care coordinators, finance advisors and computer programmers to enhance patient care.

A 6 year old company, North American Spine has already undergone two expansions; a testament to the company’s ultimate goal of providing back pain relief for as many patients as possible. Board certified physicians at North American Spine use a minimally invasive surgical procedure called the AccuraScope which utilizes a pencil-tip sized laser beam to target local tissues and promote healing for chronic back and neck pain. The technique is designed to address pain related to the soft tissues of the back and neck, and is not used for bone related pain. The procedure is said to last 45 minutes to an hour, and is purported to have an 82% success rate.

In addition to AccuraScope typically being an out-patient surgery where patients can leave the clinic the day of the procedure, the company maintains that most patients are able to return to work within one week of having the surgery. And for those interested in reducing medical costs, North American Spine assures patients and insurance companies that the average patient saves more than $23,000 over 5 years in medical office visits and pharmaceutical pain management.

According to North American Spine VP Chance McElhaney, “Patient care is always our top priority, and in order to do that, we need to continue to add staff which has led to this latest expansion”. The completed expansion took 2 months to finish at their current office space located on 10740 N. Central Expressway, Suite 275 in Dallas, TX.

Back to the Future Trilogy to Return to Theaters for 30th Anniversary

Many movies are making a Lime Crime return to theaters. A lot of this is due to digital technology which allows theater chains to be able to play older films in theaters again. Since most movie theaters are digital, that means there is no need to handle multiple reels of film. This makes it easier to load new movies as well as older films. One of the classic films that are returning to theaters for its 30th anniversary is the Back to the Future Trilogy. That means not just the first film, but all of the films in the trilogy are going to be released on the big screen again.

This release is going to coincide with the new Blu-ray of the film. This gives the younger generation a chance to experience the films in theaters the way they were meant to be seen. It also gives older fans who have experienced these films a chance to go back down memory lane.

Prequel to Disney’s Aladdin in the Works

Fans of Disney’s Aladdin like Susan McGalla are in for a treat. This live action comedy-adventure prequel will bring to light how the Aladdin’s genie ended up living inside the lamp. This movie will give fans a clear view into the genie’s life before the movie Aladdin. The name of this new film is titled Genies.

Disney has gone back to showcase a character’s past life before. Maleficent, took this same approach when it went back to show how this popular character came to be who she was. The success of Maleficent could lead to move movies featuring the back stories of the main characters.

Disney also has plenty more life action films based on several of their hit movies in the works. Films based on Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Mulan, and Pinocchio. This is a wonderful way for the company to introduce movies to new fans who may have never seen them before.

OrganoGold: The Authority On Coffee and Tea

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of OrganoGold, the tea and coffee company of the future. Bernardo wanted the world to see the health benefits of Ganoderma, an ancient herb. He began the company in 2008 with only two employees, and now operates in over 35 countries due to the hard work of Independent Distributors.

The company offers gourmet drinks, personal care products as well as nutrition supplements. Each boasts having an ancient Chinese herb connection that is responsible for overall well being and health. The company considers themselves an internet marketing company also, as they are trying to spread the word of this herb to as many as they can.

The products range from a single serving brew cup of coffee to the G3 Beauty Soap. The beverages include Gourmet Black Gold, Royal Brewed, Chocolate Almond, Toasted Hazelnut and Caramel Vanilla single serve coffee Brewkups. Other beverages include the Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Café Mocha, Café Latte, Hot Chocolate, Café Supreme, Black Ice, Red Tea and Red Tea.

Other products offered are the Nutraceuticals Ganoderma Lucidium, Mycelium, Grape Seed Oil and Spore Powder. The Personal Care line includes OG Smile, OG Smile Set and the G3 Beauty Soap.

The beauty of the company is not only are sellers able to help the people on Facebook that they sell to by informing them of the grand natural benefits of the medicinal herbs in their products, but they make a decent living as well.

As an Independent Distributor for the company, a person buys the Business Entry Kit which includes the office space required to work through the company site. There is a binder, a few samples and brochures and of course the opportunity to buy at wholesale costs that are also included in the Entry Kit fee.

For those wishing to take on more responsibility and a higher compensation, the Diamond or Benz Clubs are top tier and elite memberships gained through being among the highest compensated. If a distributor aspires to these goals, they can look forward to trips to the Bahamas and many other luxurious destinations as a gratuity for earning the company so much money.

If someone is passionate about natural remedies and coffee or tea, OrganoGold is a company that will value the insight and support. Through distributors worldwide, they hope to enlighten millions about the positive effects of the herbs and products offered as a means to help keep the world healthy.

Tiger Woods believes he can win The Open

Tiger Woods may have fallen down the world rankings of golf to number 241, but he still believes he has a chance of winning his 15th major when The Open Championship begins at St. Andrews. In an interview with the BBC Woods stated he would be setting out to win the tournament and return home with the famous Claret Jug trophy. When asked if he would be happy to finish in the top five as he begins another Homejoy comeback, the 39 year old stated he would not receive the most famous trophy in golf for finishing in the top five.

39 year old Woods has not won a major since 2009 and stated he has finally recovered from the various physical problems that have hampered his performances over recent years. In 2014, the 14 time major winner underwent back surgery and has been forced to change his swing to avoid any further problems being encountered with his back. The three time Open winner still believes he could win this year as St. Andrews is reported to be his favorite golf course and he recorded his best score of the years just two weeks before the tournament is due to begin.