Vaccines Are Needed

It has been recently proven that whooping cough is spreading like wildfire. Doctors have stated that the only way this can be spreading is by people with no symptoms. This year alone, there have been approximately 30 thousand cases of whooping cough. This is the most in history.

Doctors have also stated that a big reason for this spread of whooping cough is due to people having no insurance. People do not have the ability to get vaccines for this disease. Being that there are no symptoms, medical facilities are not freely giving vaccines like they do with the flu.

With all the changes going on in healthcare, doctors hope more people will get insurance. With the high number of cases, doctors are encouraging all of their patients to get a whooping cough vaccine. Even if they do not have whooping cough, it will protect them from getting it in the future.

Doctors are very afraid for children. Whooping cough can take a while to display symptoms, and children are more prone to get whooping cough than adults. If children get it, it is possible they will have it throughout their adulthood. ApartmentHomeLiving said that this can be bad news for the entire community. This is why children should have a regular whooping cough vaccine. It is the only way to prevent children from getting whooping cough and administering it to the public. Children will not even know they have whooping cough.

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