TV Spot Explains North American Spine’s AccuraScope Procedure

WFAA’s Good Morning Texas host Carrie McClure interviewed Dr. Basem Abdelfattah of the North American Spine group to find out as much as possible about the innovative AccuraScope treatment. Dr. Abdelfattah explained to McClure the basic procedure used and how the laser based procedure can benefit each patient the approximately 45 minute minimally invasive form of surgery is used upon. The physician gave a brief demonstration of the equipment and explained how the majority of the patients now operated on by North American Spine now return home on the same day as the procedure is carried out, PR Newswire reports.

Dr. Abdelfattah went on to tell the host of the popular Dallas based show the position of North American Spine as the sole North American based provider of AccuraScope meant patients were now traveling from across the continent to see the specialists at the medical group. North American Spine is a neck and back pain specialist group, which seeks out the reason for the specific symptoms each patient suffers with and finds the root cause of the pain before beginning any surgical procedures on a patient. Some of the main reasons patients are flocking to North American Spine include the short operating time of approximately 45 minutes and the instant relief most patients now feel. These benefits go hand in hand with the lower medical bills associated with the procedure, which are not driven up by a prolonged stay in hospital or the need for the excessive use of pain medications after the surgery is completed.

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