North American Spine Doctors Offer Procedure That Can Provide Immediate Relief

Previously, PR Newswire reports that major surgery has been the only solution for individuals that suffer from chronic back and neck pains. Skeptical about having major surgery, these chronic back and neck pain suffers refused to go under the knife due to myths that have been heard about the dangers of surgery and also the lengthy recovery time involved. According to a PR Newswire release there is a procedure called the AccuraScope that offers relief without the need for major surgery.

The AccuraScope procedure takes less than an hour and is minimally invasive. Currently the procedure is performed by North American Spine Doctors located in Dallas. These groups of surgeons perform the procedure with the help of a tiny laser that is limited to working only on the tissue it touches.

According to reports the relief offered by the AccuraScope Procedure is immediate. Patients like Joe Berry, an individual who for years has suffered from constant pain, found instant relief due to the procedure. Berry is a former firefighter and EMT that found it difficult to perform his job as well as enjoy his daily life. It has been reported that with help of the procedure Berry is now able to enjoy a pain free life with his family and work without any aches.

There are numerous success stories that mimic Berry’s. More than 8,000 AccuraScope Procedures have been done with an 82% success rate. The minimally invasive procedure has helped neck and back pain suffers to find immediate relief.

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