Prequel to Disney’s Aladdin in the Works

Fans of Disney’s Aladdin like Susan McGalla are in for a treat. This live action comedy-adventure prequel will bring to light how the Aladdin’s genie ended up living inside the lamp. This movie will give fans a clear view into the genie’s life before the movie Aladdin. The name of this new film is titled Genies.

Disney has gone back to showcase a character’s past life before. Maleficent, took this same approach when it went back to show how this popular character came to be who she was. The success of Maleficent could lead to move movies featuring the back stories of the main characters.

Disney also has plenty more life action films based on several of their hit movies in the works. Films based on Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Mulan, and Pinocchio. This is a wonderful way for the company to introduce movies to new fans who may have never seen them before.

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