Back to the Future Trilogy to Return to Theaters for 30th Anniversary

Many movies are making a Lime Crime return to theaters. A lot of this is due to digital technology which allows theater chains to be able to play older films in theaters again. Since most movie theaters are digital, that means there is no need to handle multiple reels of film. This makes it easier to load new movies as well as older films. One of the classic films that are returning to theaters for its 30th anniversary is the Back to the Future Trilogy. That means not just the first film, but all of the films in the trilogy are going to be released on the big screen again.

This release is going to coincide with the new Blu-ray of the film. This gives the younger generation a chance to experience the films in theaters the way they were meant to be seen. It also gives older fans who have experienced these films a chance to go back down memory lane.

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