The Value of Psychiatry

Psychiatry is a method of treating mental illness with the use of medicine and other forms of treatment. The practitioners study, diagnose and treat as well as look for ways to prevent mental disorders. As of right now, the common way to treat mental disorders is to prescribe medicine to the patients. This is due to the idea that certain mental disorders like depression may occur as a result of chemical imbalances in the brain. Whatever the cause of depression is and the treatment that is used, doctors have seen the importance of brain health when it comes to living a healthy life. Among the doctors that are working hard towards improving brain health is Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Amen holds the belief that all of health and success is linked to the health of the brain. A troubled brain is more likely to lead to a troubled life according to Dr. Amen. He is very accomplished as a person being a double board certified psychiatrist, physician, television producer and a bestselling author. He has written plenty of articles and books, produced plenty of shows, and has been an influence in the field of mental health as well as plenty of other areas in health.

The importance of mental health to the overall life of a person is actually obvious. With health conditions like depression, people are more likely to experience health problems in other areas of life. If one is able to change his brain for the better, other aspects of his life will follow. Psychiatry is a very valuable practice because it helps people get to the root of their problems as opposed to just treating the symptoms. When one takes care of the overall root of the problem, then that person can be considered cured. He will then be able to live a productive life.

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