Joseph Bismark Discusses His Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The life of businesspeople are very rarely placed on view for the public to discover in the way Joseph Bismark has revealed his life in an article featured on Yahoo News. One of the founders of the multi level marketing company, QI, Bismark has taken some time to reveal all about his diet, exercise and technology choices. The spiritual side of the life of Joseph Bismark appears to be extremely important to him and is given as much priority each day as his business role.

Spirituality has always played an important role in the life of Joseph Bismark as he spent a large amount of his formative years living and studying with monks in his home country of the Philippines. Bismark has played a pivotal role within the QI Group and has been a managing director since 2008, when he took a greater role within the company and has influenced many of the decisions taken regarding social responsibility and the creation of healthy products.

The influence of Joseph Bismark on the direction the QI Group has recently been taking can be seen in the investment made in sustainable energy resources that are utilized in the locations operated by the QI Group. The Singapore based businessperson has also overseen the introduction of a range of organic and healthy products for the QI Group and has seen a rise in the work of the charitable Rhythm Foundation operated by the company.

In his private life, Joseph Bismark has revealed that he has been an avid user of many pieces of technology to maintain his healthy and spiritually uplifting lifestyle. To remain fit, Bismark uses the MapMyRide app to remain fit and healthy and chart his progress as he rides a bicycle for physical fitness. In recent months, Bismark has also discovered the Soundcloud app, which allows him to upload his favorite mantras and chants, which he uses in the daily meditation techniques he uses to focus his mind and body.

Alongside the use of technology Bismark uses to keep up with his fitness and meditative techniques, he is also a dedicated student of yoga. Having trained to become a yoga teacher, the businessperson teaches the practice at the Singapore School of Mediation and Yoga. Not only does this allow Bismark to help others, but it also allows him to continue to learn new techniques as he continues his journey to live the most spiritual and healthy lifestyle possible.

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