Eucatex’s Success Includes Protecting the Environment

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that has established itself as one of the world’s leaders in eucalyptus wood based building materials. In 1923 the parent company of Eucatex, Americana Sawmill Americana, was formed in Sao Paulo which eventually became Eucatex in November of 1951. Shortly after its formation, Eucatex began manufacturing ceiling tiles and panels. Over the next 35 years, Eucatex began exporting their ceiling tiles and panels to Europe and other parts of the world while establishing offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico and the US. They also began to produce paint and started environmental conservation efforts to help provide the company with a sustainable supply of raw materials.

In 1987, CEO Flavio Maluf began working for Eucatex and started in the trade section of the company before moving to the industrial section. He was educated at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado in Sao Paulo and received a degree in mechanical engineering, and he spent a year studying administration at New York University. In 1997, Mr. Maluf became president on Eucatex after his uncle, who was president of the company at the time, invited him to be part of executive structure of the company. In 2005, he became the CEO of Eucatex and also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers.

Mr. Maluf has continued to build up the success of Eucatex while making it one of the best companies to work for in Brazil. Their products include laminate and vinyl floors, paints, wall partitions, doors and panels. They have won numerous awards and certifications such as Petrobras Customer Rating Award Paint and Paintwork Award – Personality in Research and Development and the ISO 14001 Certification which acknowledges Eucatex’s commitment to protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity. Eucatex also works with local landowners through its forestry leasing program where landowners can lease their properties to Eucatex who then uses the properties to plant eucalyptus trees that will be used for future manufacturing purposes. Eucatex shows that a large multi-national company can be both successful and be good stewards of the environment.

Joseph Bismark Knows What’s Right And Wrong

The QI Group was formed around the belief that it is important to treat every employee fairly and around the belief that treating the environment well is important, and it makes sense that they would decide to partner with the United Nations in their cause to make the world a better place. The QI Group cares about all of the things that it is doing, and it wants to be able to always be doing its best to work with integrity. According to what was said on Yahoo Finance the founding director of the QI Group feels honored to be part of the United Nations in this way.
Joseph Bismark is the founding director of this company, and he is a man who has tried his hardest to make this company a success. He wanted it to be a place where people feel great about working at, and so he made spirituality a part of the business. Those who are working there are able to feel a great sense of respect toward each other because of that. Spirituality adds a lot to the business, and it is not only important to Joseph Bismark that it is a part of it, but it is also important to him that he makes spirituality a part of his personal life, as well.
Joseph Bismark is not afraid of doing things differently than anyone else, and his business greatly reflects that. He is a man who has always been bold in the things that he does, and he is someone who is inspiring people every day. Joseph Bismark was raised by monks who believed that having a strong sense of peace within oneself was very important, and that is what he has always believed, as well. He believes that staying healthy and exercising regularly are what everyone should do, and more importantly, he believes that respecting one another is something that everyone should be doing. He has a lot of strong beliefs on what is right and wrong to do in the business world, and his beliefs have helped his company to really take off well.

Pleading Guilty: We Really Love Lime Crime Makeup

I like wearing makeup; wait, let me rephrase that. I love wearing makeup, and most women do.

I apply makeup every day, because it makes me look prettier, hides minor imperfections and actually protects the naked face from grime, pollution and the elements during harsh weather. The only problem I and a number of other women complain about is the beauty habit or rut we can find ourselves in.

For instance, putting on a basic brown eye shadow is a no-brainer for a neutral appealing eye. The cosmetics experts would agree that brown shadow is safe and works for every chick, but after a while it can look boring. Yawn.

Makeup should be fun modern and edgy; Lime Crime Makeup is that company on It’s hot, bold and beautiful makeup that allows young women to practice self-expression. Doe Deere launched in 2008 under the slogan So bright it’s illegal. Unicorn Lipstick became the company’s signature cult favorite for its unique and unusual shades in a vivid purple lipstick tube adorned with a unicorn.

Unicorn Lipsticks are not for the faint-of-heart, but you can by a shy girl who wants her bold sassy lips to do the talking—colors like forest green, marine blue, bubblegum pink, etc.

Lime Crime’s Instagram page is all about the pretty going one step further. The colors are so bright and fun, everything looks like candy. Celebs like singer FKA Twigs was recently photographed in London at the AIM awards in Lime Crime’s Velvetines liquid-to-matte lipstick in Riot (marsala). Gorgeous! By the way, Lime Crime is quite popular with 1.6 million Instagram followers.

Plus Lime Crime has a cool website at, featuring a great blog that talks about everything trending, like amazing mermaid lips. Oh, yeah! The company tells you how to achieve the mermaid pout by applying their Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle as a base, then dabbing on their Zodiac Glitter in Pisces fully coating the gloss, then topping star and hexagon-shaped plastic glitter evenly over lips. You end up with an awesome 3-dimensional set of lips in a sea blue mermaid aura. So very pretty, indeed! This is a must-try, ladies!

That is why I adore Lime Crime makeup. It’s as bold as you want it to be. There are no set rules here; there is nothing neutral or beige about Lime Crime. This is definitely makeup for the modern chick, someone who wants to be unique and comfortable in her own skin, someone who does believe in unicorns.

Lime Crime can be purchased online and also at stores that carry these cosmetics:

Naimie’s Beauty Center
12640 Riverside Drive
Valley Village, CA 91607

Urban Outfitters Herald Square
1333 Broadway
New York NY 10018


American Farmers Fight Syngenta – GMO Class Action Lawsuit

Wikipedia tells that in 2010 the USDA approved the use of the corn seed strain Agrisure Viptera by Syngenta, on the belief that China had also approved the product. Agrisure Viptera also known as Syngenta’s MIR 162 is a genetically engineered insect resistant corn, and American farmers were led to believe that the corn had China’s complete approval for import. Watts Guerra LLP a San Antonio based law firm filed suit against Syngenta on behalf of the American farmer when China refused the shipment and caused approximately $90 billion dollars of loss to the farmers who trusted in Syngenta.

This is the third lawsuit of the kind involving Sygenta, and Mikal Watts of Watts Guerra is fighting to help reimburse the devastation caused by Syngenta’s false claims. Mr. Watts, who successfully brought class action suits against Firestone, Ford and Praxada, understands the disastrous financial results caused by Syngenta’s misleading claims. Farmers from 20 states are affected by China’s refusal to accept the corn, and by destroying the corn China drove the price of corn down across the world. The United States grows 60% of the world’s corn crop each year, and the losses caused by China’s actions were catastrophic. Over 23,000 farmers are involved in the GMO (genetically modified organism) lawsuit to date.

Attorney Mikal Watts who was raised on American farmlands said that Syngenta must be held responsible for its misleading statements. With over 11% of the corn grown in the United States tagged for export, the American farmer fell victim to the claims by Syngenta. China is a sovereign nation, and it can legally refuse GMO products sent to it for import and therefore not responsible for the losses. Syngenta knew about China’s zero tolerance policy to GMOs arriving without complete government approval, but Syngenta went on to assure the American farmer that China would accept the corn.

Mr. Watts advises that each state has different statutes of limitations on filing the suit against Syngenta, and urges the farmers to act in joining the suit as soon as possible. Any farmer affected by Syngenta seeds should be reimbursed due to the global collapse of corn prices. Mr. Watts is leader in bringing about settlement of agricultural mass torts. His offices are located in San Antonio, Texas.

Susan McGalla: A Woman in Business Leadership

To while it is true that the country has come a long way in allowing women’s participation in business and especially business leadership, there is still a lot that has to be achieved. For instance, the society still views the presence of female in top leadership positions as something extraordinary as opposed to it being normal practice. In addition to that, women have a harder time proving that they qualify for leadership positions as compared to men.

Take the example of the Obama versus Clinton Democrat race for the presidency eight years ago. Many people automatically labeled Hillary as a project to get Bill back into office, simply because they didn’t see a woman leading the nation. Occurrences like these are the reason why the few women who have made it to positions of power should be cherished and emulated. One of these exemplary female business leaders in the country is Susan McGalla. She is best known for her position as president of the American Eagles Outfitters.

Lessons that can be learned from Susan

There are many lessons that can be picked from Susan McGalla. To start with, if you are a woman, and you want to be a leader in business, you have to think about getting the right education. This means that you have to at least try and do well in your studies. Susan’s alma mater is the Mount Union College where she studied Business and Marketing.

Another important lesson that can be learned from the career development that McGalla has achieved is the importance of hard work. There are people who say that as a woman, you may have to work twice as hard as the other sex to achieve half as much as they will. This simply means that the society will take time to look into and believe in your leadership capability. Most of the times, they want to look into distractions such as the looks and other irrelevant things. As a woman, you need to show them you are made up of more than this by asserting yourself and refusing to bow to the conventions.

Next lesson learned from Susan is resilience. She obviously didn’t start at the top, and she did not have the guiding hand of some God Father. As a matter of fact, her Dad was a football coach in Ohio. Despite this fact, she moved out to New York, joined the team at American Eagles as a Marketing executive and ended up presiding over the entire company.

Women also need to understand that it is possible to hold more than one business leadership position. For instance, Susan also happens to be a Trustee at the University of Pittsburg and owns and runs her own business consultancy firm. She is also a member of the board at the Magee-Women’s hospital research institute foundation. Susan Mcgalla is a shining example for all ladies that would like to venture into business leadership but are shy.

Brian Mulligan is a Man of Many Interests


Brian Mulligan has led a very interesting and successful life, working as a CEO and in related positions at the top of gigantic companies like Universal Pictures and FOX Broadcasting. However, if you look at the blog that he writes and maintains in his spare time, you’ll find that this isn’t a man who just thinks about business or entertainment. He actually has a ton of different interests, and he’s more than happy to write about all of them.

For instance, he has one post on the side of the blog about Winston Churchill. He says that Churchill, who helped lead England through some of the darkest days of World War Two, is an idol of his. It’s easy to see how he could admire Churchill’s courage and abilities, especially when faced with such a tough situation.

In another post, he talks about the NFL and the Los Angeles Raiders. He’s clearly a football fan and has been one for years, as he understands the game and its history. He makes the case for a legendary corner known as The Judge to make it into the NFL Hall of Fame, saying it’s a shame he hasn’t gotten in already.

In still another article, he talks about a Bible verse that he likes. However, it’s more than just an inspirational post, something that a lot of people write about. Instead, he talks about how he thinks that verse is not always interpreted correctly. Whether you agree with him or not on that point, it’s clear that he’s given it a lot of thought.

These are just a few examples, but scrolling quickly though his blog shows that his posts are all over the place. A lot are about sports, whether he’s talking about playing golf or watching tennis. Some are about family, including one about his father, who passed away two decades ago. Anything he thinks about or cares about, he takes a moment to write down. It really helps someone who has never met him feel like they can get to know him a little bit.

Working in the entertainment industry has probably really shaped Mulligan over the years. It’s exposed him to many different types of entertainment and many different people. These experiences have rubbed off on him, making him quite well-rounded. For this reason, he’s able to write about many subjects with authority, crafting a very entertaining site.

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Yeonmi Park Escapes North Korea’s Human Rights Violations

The North Korean government recently denied it violates the human rights of its citizens arguing it guarantees human rights in its country. The United Nations Commission of Inquiry stated North Korea’s human rights violations are without parallel, and Amnesty International said North Korea is in its own category when violating human rights. North Korea’s human rights violations listed in the UN inquiry include murder, enslavement, torture, rape and imprisonment. In response to the UN’s inquiry, a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said the UN’s findings are lies from North Korean defectors and the report is a political maneuver to overthrow the government.

The modern human rights movement started in 1945 when the UN was created after World War II where the massive loss of life to war and genocide inspired politicians around the world to never let this happen again. The purpose of the UN is to promote a higher standard of living for people around the world and to solve economic, social and health issues. The UN developed the international humanitarian law and the international human rights law; both are seen as a part of broader international legal system. In 1948, the UN issued the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the stated goal of promoting human, civil, economic, and social rights. All of these are seen as being vital keys to freedom, justice and peace in the world, yet some countries like North Korea continue to violate these standards.

Yeonmi Park spent the first thirteen years of her life living under the North Korean regime. She was born in 1993 in Heysan and currently lives in South Korea where she is a junior at Dongguk University in Seoul studying Criminal Justice. Her family worked for the North Korean government but that did not provide her family immunity from being harshly punished by the government for any minor infraction. Her father was sentence to 17 years in a secret prison camp for smuggling gold, silver and nickel to Chinese traders to help feed his family during one of the country’s numerous famines. He urged the women in the family to leave the country, so during the winter of 2007 Yeonmi on, her mom and sister fled the country into China where her mom was raped by Chinese traffickers and her sister was lost and presumed dead. Over a year later, after walking across the Gobi desert they reached the South Korean embassy in Mongolia, and Yeonmi was later reunited with her sister. Yeonmi has told her story to numerous outlets and is currently writing a book about her life in North Korea and escape from it.

There is plenty of evidence that North Korea continues to violate the human rights of its citizens. They have no independent media, functioning civil society or religious freed. Thanks to the UN and other human rights organizations and dissidents like Yeonmi Park, North Korea’s violations will continue to be exposed, and hopefully change will come to that country.

Joseph Bismark of QI Group Talks the Daily Grind.

If you work in the field of big business then you no doubt know what it is like to feel the daily grind wear down on you day after day. Career business workers feel all of the stresses that big decisions, long hours, and short nights sleep can leave on a person and they no doubt wish it wasn’t the case. That’s why we were surprised to see the life of Joseph Bismark, founding director over at QI Group, and how he manages to fend off stress while handling a ton of duties. Bismark landed an interview with asPire Magazine, as reported on Reuters, where he dished out what makes his day to day grind so unique.

When Joseph Bismark was just nine years old he lived the life of a monk in the mountains of the Philippines. It is here where we assume that Bismark got a large part of what makes his life so special. The quiet simmering strength and spiritual backbone that Bismark uses in his day to day routine had to have come from his upbringing. However, this simple way of life was not what he wanted from the world. Instead Bismark launched into a career of marketing at QI Group and here he is spreading those similar vibes.

A day in the life of Joseph Bismark will likely start on a Yoga mat. Thanks in large part to his upbringing, Bismark has fallen in life with the art of Yoga and what it does for both his body and his mind. Yoga is a contemplative art form that subtly pushes the body in new ways, incorporating mindfulness and wellness all at once. Bismark is a Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. He teaches students while also operating as a student himself, always yearning for more. He practices his different Yoga forms by listening to a pre-recorded selection of chants and mantras that help him to hone in on his thoughts.

When he isn’t working himself on the Yoga mat, Bismark is training his brain. Bismark believes that a busy mind is a sharp one and that if you don’t constantly push your brain it will become dull. So Bismark plays scientifically geared games on the website Luminosity for at least 15 minutes every day. These games keep his mind sharp and busy while also allowing him to lower his stress and anxiety.


This service, Handy inaugurated from Harvard business school in 2012, where Harahan and Dua met. Dua graduated from Amherst College while Harahan graduated from Irelands Trinity University. The two endowed the Handybook service that is a home cleaning service company, something they hoped will act as a gate away road for other home tasks. As it goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness, I agree with that, and when one needs good results, the thought of handy home cleaning service comes in mind. Handy is an online, mobile cleaning and home repair booking service. This is a service that comes to you, it even goes to the extent of being compared to an ATM, this is because of its cleaners who are ready to work and are quick in what they do and the results are excellent. This company has been an advantage to the consumers for they are relieved from the burden of employing housekeepers, whom they say don’t work to their best to bring out a sparkling result.

Handybook has gone a notch higher, after two years of its launch, it has hit over 1million dollars per week in booking. Mr. Dau Umang, the chief operating officer says handybook has gone from 3 million dollars to 52 million dollars at a run rate that is a tremendous improvement. With handybook, customers get accessibility; the issue of maid service is replaced with a website and application. Handy on apple is a service which when offered, and one is not convinced with, he or she is obliged to complain, and the handybook provides a money back guarantee for the case. Handybook is a service that wants the best for her employees, for the most cleaning occupational on handybook, the hourly wages is between 15 dollars and 22 dollars per hour, totaling to around 18 dollars per hour, this gives them the ability to pick their hours which later on gives a healthy hourly wage.

In recent months, Handy and Homjoy have taken steps to re-define their businesses through new branding and new applications for mobile devices, and this comes as revenue numbers for both. However, customers are getting at rest with the idea of booking services through their mobile phones and they don’t have to worry about their security because every detail on the cleaners is provided, and, all in all, handy services are thoroughly looked into. Handy has grown, and it continues to grow for it’s currently in 25 cities in the US, two in Canada and London as well offering services. Applications to the sites for potential cleaners and handymen are over 200,000 while active professionals who complete at least one task in a month are about 5,000.

I believe that partnership is the stronghold of a successful business, the partnership Hanharan and Dau had been profitable and what they have achieved is something no one could have ever imagined, they have created a delightful surrounding for many, by cleaning and also created employment for others bravo Hanharan and Dau for making our homes germ free.

How to Make Your First Wikipedia Page

Have you been contributing to pages and articles for awhile but feel it’s time to make a page yourself? If so, rest assured that as long as you follow the Wikipedia guidelines and do your research beforehand, this shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

First, you will need to register an account. This requires creating a username and password. Next, do your research. Check and make sure that there isn’t already a page on the topic you want to create, maybe with a slightly different name. If you have a really different angle to cover on the topic, that’s fine, but Wikipedia won’t approve content that has already been covered on other pages.

Gather your sources. Wikipedia page creation likes articles that have sources listed to back up the information. The more sources the better, and make sure the sources are reputable. For instance, .org, .gov and .edu sources are generally considered more reliable than someone’s personal blog.

Become familiar with the Wikipedia guidelines. Wikipedia is not the place for personal essays, promoting unproven theories or making up pages just for fun about yourself or family members or friends. Pages should only be about topics that would be interesting to a broader audience base. Also keep in mind that pages should be written in an objective style, this is not the place for slander or defamation or writing about how a celebrity is a really horrible person because of their relationship track record or political views. Pages that go against these guidelines will be deleted.

You should also refrain from advertising your own product or business. Pages must be neutral and written with no conflict of interest. Refrain from external links to your own website.

If you have an idea for an article or page but don’t have time to write it yourself, or don’t want to worry about following all these guidelines, we at Get Your Wiki can help you. Our writers are familiar with the style and content guidelines and can create professional content on your desired topic. This can also eliminate the fear of creating a page with a conflict of interest. Check out for more information and a quote for services.