How to Make Your First Wikipedia Page

Have you been contributing to pages and articles for awhile but feel it’s time to make a page yourself? If so, rest assured that as long as you follow the Wikipedia guidelines and do your research beforehand, this shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

First, you will need to register an account. This requires creating a username and password. Next, do your research. Check and make sure that there isn’t already a page on the topic you want to create, maybe with a slightly different name. If you have a really different angle to cover on the topic, that’s fine, but Wikipedia won’t approve content that has already been covered on other pages.

Gather your sources. Wikipedia page creation likes articles that have sources listed to back up the information. The more sources the better, and make sure the sources are reputable. For instance, .org, .gov and .edu sources are generally considered more reliable than someone’s personal blog.

Become familiar with the Wikipedia guidelines. Wikipedia is not the place for personal essays, promoting unproven theories or making up pages just for fun about yourself or family members or friends. Pages should only be about topics that would be interesting to a broader audience base. Also keep in mind that pages should be written in an objective style, this is not the place for slander or defamation or writing about how a celebrity is a really horrible person because of their relationship track record or political views. Pages that go against these guidelines will be deleted.

You should also refrain from advertising your own product or business. Pages must be neutral and written with no conflict of interest. Refrain from external links to your own website.

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