Joseph Bismark of QI Group Talks the Daily Grind.

If you work in the field of big business then you no doubt know what it is like to feel the daily grind wear down on you day after day. Career business workers feel all of the stresses that big decisions, long hours, and short nights sleep can leave on a person and they no doubt wish it wasn’t the case. That’s why we were surprised to see the life of Joseph Bismark, founding director over at QI Group, and how he manages to fend off stress while handling a ton of duties. Bismark landed an interview with asPire Magazine, as reported on Reuters, where he dished out what makes his day to day grind so unique.

When Joseph Bismark was just nine years old he lived the life of a monk in the mountains of the Philippines. It is here where we assume that Bismark got a large part of what makes his life so special. The quiet simmering strength and spiritual backbone that Bismark uses in his day to day routine had to have come from his upbringing. However, this simple way of life was not what he wanted from the world. Instead Bismark launched into a career of marketing at QI Group and here he is spreading those similar vibes.

A day in the life of Joseph Bismark will likely start on a Yoga mat. Thanks in large part to his upbringing, Bismark has fallen in life with the art of Yoga and what it does for both his body and his mind. Yoga is a contemplative art form that subtly pushes the body in new ways, incorporating mindfulness and wellness all at once. Bismark is a Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. He teaches students while also operating as a student himself, always yearning for more. He practices his different Yoga forms by listening to a pre-recorded selection of chants and mantras that help him to hone in on his thoughts.

When he isn’t working himself on the Yoga mat, Bismark is training his brain. Bismark believes that a busy mind is a sharp one and that if you don’t constantly push your brain it will become dull. So Bismark plays scientifically geared games on the website Luminosity for at least 15 minutes every day. These games keep his mind sharp and busy while also allowing him to lower his stress and anxiety.

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