American Farmers Fight Syngenta – GMO Class Action Lawsuit

Wikipedia tells that in 2010 the USDA approved the use of the corn seed strain Agrisure Viptera by Syngenta, on the belief that China had also approved the product. Agrisure Viptera also known as Syngenta‚Äôs MIR 162 is a genetically engineered insect resistant corn, and American farmers were led to believe that the corn had China’s complete approval for import. Watts Guerra LLP a San Antonio based law firm filed suit against Syngenta on behalf of the American farmer when China refused the shipment and caused approximately $90 billion dollars of loss to the farmers who trusted in Syngenta.

This is the third lawsuit of the kind involving Sygenta, and Mikal Watts of Watts Guerra is fighting to help reimburse the devastation caused by Syngenta’s false claims. Mr. Watts, who successfully brought class action suits against Firestone, Ford and Praxada, understands the disastrous financial results caused by Syngenta’s misleading claims. Farmers from 20 states are affected by China’s refusal to accept the corn, and by destroying the corn China drove the price of corn down across the world. The United States grows 60% of the world’s corn crop each year, and the losses caused by China’s actions were catastrophic. Over 23,000 farmers are involved in the GMO (genetically modified organism) lawsuit to date.

Attorney Mikal Watts who was raised on American farmlands said that Syngenta must be held responsible for its misleading statements. With over 11% of the corn grown in the United States tagged for export, the American farmer fell victim to the claims by Syngenta. China is a sovereign nation, and it can legally refuse GMO products sent to it for import and therefore not responsible for the losses. Syngenta knew about China’s zero tolerance policy to GMOs arriving without complete government approval, but Syngenta went on to assure the American farmer that China would accept the corn.

Mr. Watts advises that each state has different statutes of limitations on filing the suit against Syngenta, and urges the farmers to act in joining the suit as soon as possible. Any farmer affected by Syngenta seeds should be reimbursed due to the global collapse of corn prices. Mr. Watts is leader in bringing about settlement of agricultural mass torts. His offices are located in San Antonio, Texas.

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