Pleading Guilty: We Really Love Lime Crime Makeup

I like wearing makeup; wait, let me rephrase that. I love wearing makeup, and most women do.

I apply makeup every day, because it makes me look prettier, hides minor imperfections and actually protects the naked face from grime, pollution and the elements during harsh weather. The only problem I and a number of other women complain about is the beauty habit or rut we can find ourselves in.

For instance, putting on a basic brown eye shadow is a no-brainer for a neutral appealing eye. The cosmetics experts would agree that brown shadow is safe and works for every chick, but after a while it can look boring. Yawn.

Makeup should be fun modern and edgy; Lime Crime Makeup is that company on It’s hot, bold and beautiful makeup that allows young women to practice self-expression. Doe Deere launched in 2008 under the slogan So bright it’s illegal. Unicorn Lipstick became the company’s signature cult favorite for its unique and unusual shades in a vivid purple lipstick tube adorned with a unicorn.

Unicorn Lipsticks are not for the faint-of-heart, but you can by a shy girl who wants her bold sassy lips to do the talking—colors like forest green, marine blue, bubblegum pink, etc.

Lime Crime’s Instagram page is all about the pretty going one step further. The colors are so bright and fun, everything looks like candy. Celebs like singer FKA Twigs was recently photographed in London at the AIM awards in Lime Crime’s Velvetines liquid-to-matte lipstick in Riot (marsala). Gorgeous! By the way, Lime Crime is quite popular with 1.6 million Instagram followers.

Plus Lime Crime has a cool website at, featuring a great blog that talks about everything trending, like amazing mermaid lips. Oh, yeah! The company tells you how to achieve the mermaid pout by applying their Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle as a base, then dabbing on their Zodiac Glitter in Pisces fully coating the gloss, then topping star and hexagon-shaped plastic glitter evenly over lips. You end up with an awesome 3-dimensional set of lips in a sea blue mermaid aura. So very pretty, indeed! This is a must-try, ladies!

That is why I adore Lime Crime makeup. It’s as bold as you want it to be. There are no set rules here; there is nothing neutral or beige about Lime Crime. This is definitely makeup for the modern chick, someone who wants to be unique and comfortable in her own skin, someone who does believe in unicorns.

Lime Crime can be purchased online and also at stores that carry these cosmetics:

Naimie’s Beauty Center
12640 Riverside Drive
Valley Village, CA 91607

Urban Outfitters Herald Square
1333 Broadway
New York NY 10018


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