The Ski Slopes With Andy Wirth

Andrew Wirth, affectionately know as Andy is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He was born on July 25th, 1963 in Neubrucke, Germany. He was always involved in the resort and hotel industry, working in this area for about twenty five years. He loves the open air, saying it was always in his blood.

When he graduated college, he worked at the Steamboat Ski and resort Corporation. There he stayed for almost twenty years, he was handling marketing for the company. He did such an outstanding job, so they promoted him to Intrawest, Steamboat’s parent company.

After Intrawest merged with Steamboat, Wirth was named Chief Marketing Office, and executive Vice President of sales. He had to manage all the resorts owned by this company. He stayed with this company until he parted ways, amicably, in 2010.

Then in 2010 he took over Squaw Valley, which is west of Lake Tahoe. It’s one the largest ski resort in the United States, this area once hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics. It now has thirty chairlifts, and spectacular, breathtaking views covering it’s 3,600 acres. In the summer months tap your feet to the well known musical performers, or even have a relaxing evening with yoga. Taught by the best in the business.

In Squaw Valley it’s not unusual to get about forty feet of snow in the winter. So for all you die hard ski buffs and even beginners, there is a lot to do. The elevation is about 8,200ft. The Cushing family managed it for almost 70 years. Andrew Wirth was given the position as CEO. The renovations budget was $70 million. That project, Wirth personally handled. He wanted to make sure that the resort could hold it’s own with all the others ski area around. He aim was for it to be the best in the area. Soon by 2011 it did happen. Squaw Valley was in the top twenty percent in the industry.

Andrew Wirth has a very generous heart. He contributes to most environmental and community service project in the Lake Tahoe area and is a strong believer in giving back.
His long term goal is continuous improving on Squaw Valley, he wants to make it so popular, people will always want to return, year after year, eventually taking it the number one resort for skiing.

On July 11th, 2013 Andrew Wirth was appointed to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Because of all his experience in the international resort management, where he worked tirelessly with different airlines, negotiating flights into Utah, Colorado and Canada.

James Dondero Keeps Highland Capital Afloat

As the CFA of Highland Capital Management Jim Dondero has a very important task. He is one that keeps this company afloat. As investment opportunities change down through the years it is James Dondero that has the responsibility to keep this company performing at a very high level.

Dondero has made sure that his company would remain profitable by offering award winning solutions for the investor that wants to add things like hedge funds and private equity funds to their accounts. He has become a masterful executive that leads his employers in collateralized loan obligation. As the co-founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has helped spearhead this type of market. I admire what he has been able to do from the early years of American Express up until now. He has made some major accomplishments over the years as he managed billion in assets. This gave him the great foundation to become the president of the Highland Capital Management group. He worked in different roles down through the years, and I believe that this is what led to his success. Dondero has more than 30 years of experience, but it is not all in the same area. That can make a big difference. In 1985 Dondero he worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst. He would move up to Portfolio Manager after 1989. He has also worked as a Chief Investment Officer. All of this has allowed him to gain a large realm of experiment in the investment world. He has managed to become a titan in the financial world because he has been able to build up a company that is extremely profitable.

Dondero has also been able to give in his personal life, and this has allowed him to earn the reputation of being a great philanthropist. I admire this quality in business men. They don’t have to do it, but they make a conscious choice to give because they already have so much. I really look up to guys like this because he has been able create a pathway to success for financial leadership.

I think that Dondero is able to make sound decisions in the financial world including for NexBank because he has become one of those people that have become experienced through trial and error. He has managed to improve his Highland Capital Management company because he has been able to see firsthand how a lot of different financial concepts work. His ability to analyze portfolios and create wealth for clients gives him a lot of power. I think that James is a very important part of Highland Capital Management because he represents the face of the company. There are other executives in place, but they may not have the same amount of experience that James Dondero has. There are others that may be able to help clients with a particular portion of their portfolio, but they may not have knowledge in other areas. Dondero, however, has a diverse knowledge base that helps him navigate this company well.

Slyce is Slated to Debut an Amazing New Portfolio

Slyce, the Toronto-based internet product recognition company, has just revealed it will be releasing a new slate of products designed to help consumers purchase products from various online retailers. The basic product/image recognition program the company developed employs an app that works in conjunction with a camera on a smartphone. The image taken by the camera can be used to search through online retail websites to find similar products.

Slyce software is being used by Home Depot, JC Penny, and scores of other major retailers. People do find the technology to be extremely helpful and this is driving the popularity.

The various new releases from Slyce are both impressive and innovative. The forthcoming new technology is sure to be extremely popular with a large segment of online consumers.

Slyce Insights is a program that will analyze visual search data, which should be helpful to retailers in examining their sales figures. The Universal Scanner is designed for consumers so they can scan coupons, barcodes, or images to find matches online. The Out-of-Stock Mitigation Tool is in the Beta stage and it is something consumers who get frustrated with “out of stock” merchandise will be very pleased with. The tool sends consumers in the direction of viable alternatives to purchase. The Snap-to-Coupon concept allows people to take a picture of a coupon and then eventually use it online.

Slyce is expanding its portfolio at a rapid pace. Currently, the recently acquired mobile shopping app Pounce sits side-by-side with the fashion discovery app Craves and SnipSnap, a mobile coupon app. The more Slyce makes it easier for customers to purchase things with their mobile devices, the more popular the company will become.

Those who wish to read up on the whole story about the newest trends in image recognition should check out the Yahoo! Finance article that covers the topic in depth or you can visit

Lacrosse Camps Spring Up For Today’s Skilled Youth

The numbers regarding participation in lacrosse don’t lie. Lacrosse is a growing competition sport in America, and more and more people are becoming first-time players, especially at the high school and college levels. While other sports such as baseball, football and soccer are still very popular in their own right, lacrosse has had some of the fastest growth out of all youth sports in the country. Over the last five years alone over 102,000 male players, and over 77,000 females have become players in this fast growing phenomenon.

When people think of the typical lacrosse player, they think of Ivy League schools, button-down preppy shirts, penny loafers and Izod shirts. Many people think of lacrosse as a regional sport, meant for people going to a ivy league school. But, this is no longer true, and you can find lacrosse players playing in every portion of the country. From sunny California, all the way to the concrete jungles of New York, people are playing lacrosse from all walks of life.

One of the largest growth areas for the sport was the Midwest and Southern states of the United States. In many of those states, growth was seen of 15% to 20% over the course of just two years. There are now over 75,000 new players in the southern region of the United States alone. In states like Michigan, 20% growth in players was seen, and over 8000 individuals are now recognized as the class players in that state. California had an increase just as large, and now ranks close to 15,000 people.

With this increase in the popularity of the sport, and the thousands of players that are being added, there is a need for a place where individuals who are striving to be great at it can be trained by individuals will championship experience in the sport. Training centers like the one Jon Urbana created for Next Level Lacrosse were formed by seasoned players in the sport for youth who showed significant progress in the game, and the need for further training on its various skills and nuances.

Next Level Lacrosse was founded by Jon Urbana, a former player himself. He assembled a team of other knowledgeable and skilled players to help him train the next level of youth lacrosse players. Urbana has been highly decorated in the game himself (and flying), including a noting on the Tewaaraton Award watch list.

More recently, he created a Crowdrise campaign to support Denver’s Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. With a goal of $1,200, all proceeds raised will be sent directly to ARAS as they come in.

The idea and vision of Next Level Lacrosse is simple: to give new or talented lacrosse players a place to learn and pit their skills against players of their own competition and skill level. Many of their drills and coaching sessions are then posted on Urbana’s Vimeo channel. It is a place where both seasoned players and expert players can meet to not only learn from each other, but get better in the presence of each other.

As the game of lacrosse becomes more popular in the United States, there will be the need for more specialized training facilities like Next Level Lacrosse. As skilled players in the game, Urbana and Next Level Lacrosse will make sure that individual players with talent will be nurtured and trained to greatness.

Andy Wirth Speaks Out For Clean Power Plan Bill

The City of Reno just has gained an outspoken voice rallying for environmental change. Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squawk Valley Ski Holdings is leading the charge to pass the Clean Power Plan bill for the City of Reno. And it looks like a successful campaign as the The Reno-Gazette Journal announced city council voted to support the bill along with welcome cooperation from the private sector. Andy Wirth notes that times have changed. The area’s clean energy economy is thriving through support of companies that are willing to transition to alternative forms of clean and sustainable energy; while at the same time keeping the pressure on utilities to follow suit.

Not one to mince words, Wirth points out that the Valmy coal plant is still burning coal for electricity. An Environment Nevada report estimated that the “North Valmy Power Plant in Humboldt County emits 5690.5 tons of smog-forming pollution every year—the most in Nevada…” Research has proven that high levels of smog pollution affects the lung capacity of children and will damage lung tissue of adults over time. Smog pollution also reduces yield for crops that are native to the Nevada region.

What Mr. Andy Wirth explains is, the City of Reno is in a crucial moment in time to effect real change in clean air standards and sees this as an opportunity to go beyond staying within federal guidelines and pushing to a national leadership role. By not giving in to special interests groups and developing logical, long term solutions, a healthy and vibrant economy and air standard can be maintained.

Not one to turn away from a challenge, Wirth has successfully merged Squawk Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts under one roof creating one of the most successful ski vacation adventure destinations in California. An avid sky diver, Wirth’s right arm was torn off in a near fatal diving incident, but his calm thinking and resilient spirit carried him through.

A recipient of numerous community service and professional awards, Wirth is a dedicated familiy man and a major contributor and supporter of many environmental and community service organizations. In his new role,taking on the Clean Power Plan bill as a key step in the right direction for Reno, Andy Wirth continues to exhibit strength and determination in face of unsurmountable odds.

Cleaner Energy Today for a Cleaner Environment Tomorrow

In the beginning of October of 2015 the city council of Reno voted in favor of the Clean Power Plan.This will reduce the amount of power that is made through coal and provide a cleaner energy that is renewable. This plan is one that should be adopted nationwide. Many other private companies have already adopted this plan and the Reno City council is joining them in the fight to reduce dirty energy through coal consumption.

Every person should be advocating for clean energy in their communities. We can tell our elected officials exactly what we want and hope that they will be on our side. We need our elected officials to be leaders in this powerful clean energy movement. We need them to speak up just like the private companies and society has been doing for years. We need to tell these elected officials that they should do what is best for society and our environment and not what is best for certain special interest groups. Our economy can be helped through policies like the Clean Power Plan and is not hindered in any way.

Without this policy there is a bleak future for our communities. Currently we are experiencing poor air quality. This is terrible since it’s the air that we breathe and its not clean. We have seen droughts and even forest fires recently. By using dirty coal energy we are leaving behind a huge carbon footprint that could have been avoided with cleaner alternatives. Why on earth are we still using coal for energy when we have access to some of the best geothermal and solar energy? We need to stop contributing to climate change through dirty energy and help prevent it from going any further. We need to applaud companies that are paving the way for better energy sources such as Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla. All of these companies want to see cleaner energy being used.

The ideas expressed above come from a man named Andy Wirth. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He contributes a great deal of his time with environmental organizations around Lake Tahoe. These include The Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee, Truckee River Watershed Council, and many others. He is also a part of the board of Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

Be Bold and Beautiful with Lime Crime

Showing your personality rather than covering this up is the whole idea behind Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded by Doe Deere as a way for women to not only have a way to cover up those imperfections that they may feel they have, but also as a way to show your true personality. This is an aspect that most other makeup companies cannot compete with, as they do not offer the bold, different and truly unique options that Lime Crime is offering to the world.

The Bold…The Beautiful

When most people see Lime Crime on tumblr being in use, the first attention grabber is the options that they have with color. For example, in the Unicorn Lipsticks line a person can choose to utilize Bubblegum Blue, Neon-Coral Pink, or even Metallic Green. Why such bold colors? The entire line of makeup is about being yourself, expressing your personality. Not everyone is going to want to wear a calm nude color as a lipstick, as this does not express their personality and attitude.

The number of combinations that a person has with Lime Crime is never ending. Whether a person decides to wear only a vibrant lipstick, combining this with a beautiful eye shadow or other options, every woman is going to find that she can truly be herself.

Not Your Average Makeup

Makeup that is going to strike a chord with many people and be noticed whenever you walk into a room is just one side of Lime Crime. There is also hair products available that are going to allow you to utilize your hair as a way to showcase your attitude and personality. Colors such as pink, purple, orange, gray and every mermaid hair is an option. To go even further, Lime Crime even provides color options for your makeup when you decide to go with a radical hair color. It is all in an effort to ensure that you can showcase your flirty, fun and funky side of your personality.

More and more women are now realizing that makeup does not mean that you have to look like those models you see in magazines, or that you have to appear to be just like your next door neighbor. Makeup is meant to be fun, to be expressive of your personality, or simply used as a way to be noticed. Women who step out of the confines that regular makeup gives them will find a whole new freedom with the way they look. They will even find more confidence in how they look, and feel free to be bold and to be beautiful.

Kenneth Griffin: A Businessman, Entrepreneur, and All Around Good Guy Philanthropist

Ken Griffin was born in Daytona Beach in 1968 and has spent the last half century cementing his place in the business world rising to fame and success as an American hedge fund manager. Today he is the founder and the current CEO of Chicago global investment firm Citadel LLC. Citadel is considered to be one of the largest alternative investment firms in the world and his hedge funds are considered to be some of the most successful. These achievements have earned Griffin a spot on the Forbes 400. As of May 2015 it is estimated that he has a net worth of $6.6 billion.

Griffin has known success on since his days at Harvard where he started his first hedge fund during his sophomore year. The fund was composed of capital that was collected from his family and friends. After graduation from Harvard Frank C. Meyer an investor offered Griffin $1 million to invest and Griffin did much better than expected giving Meyer back almost a 70% return.

In 1990 Griffin moved on and started Citadel with $4.6 million. In just eight years he grew his company to employ 100 staff members and collected about one billion in capital. By 2002 he had cemented his placed in the finance world earning a spot on the CFO Magazines Global 100. He continued to expand and grow his company and was known as one of the most influential people in finance up until modern times where he is still recognized for his savvy and worth. He was the youngest self-made person to be listed in the Forbes 400 in 2003 at age 34 and has continued to be featured in the list over the years.

While Citadel has certainly earned Griffin a great deal of money over the years, he has remained a humble man who is concentrated on providing others with opportunities. His company was listed as one of the top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services to work due to the perks employees receive and the collaborative work culture. Employees at the finance firm often are given personal gifts, receive free lunch, and have access to fitness programs.

Additionally Griffin has continued to give back to the community and has been a great philanthropist over the years. He has donated over $500 million to different causes a lot of which has gone towards funding programs within Chicago to help the community Citadel is founded in. Among the donations Griffins has made include a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to support a Chicago charter school. He has also given $16 million to Children’s Memorial Hospital; $150 million to Harvard University to be used for need based financial aid, and $10 million to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Get Weekly Cleaning Services With Handy

Many homeowners find that it is imperative to make sure that their houses are cleaned on a weekly basis. A house can easily accumulate dust and dirt just in a single week. As a result, a weekly clean out is often important. Cleaning up the house each week can help prevent clutter from accumulating and make sure that the house stays in good shape all throughout the year. The house that is cleaned each week is also likely to be a house that can welcome guests at a moment’s notice and allow the owner of the home to entertain guests at a moment’s notice.

Finding the time to make sure that any house is as clean as possible is not always easy for any given homeowner. A homeowner may be quite busy both during the week and on weekends. This is why many homeowners look for help in accomplishing this goal. The right cleaning company can come to their house each week and clean up the house to their exact specifications and demands. The right cleaning company will show up when the owner wants them to show up, often at the same time each week so the client can have reliable services.

Working with an app such as that provided by a company known as Handy can be just the ideal way for someone who needs weekly cleaning services to locate the best possible cleaning company for them. Handy is one of the foremost providers of cleaning services to users. The app has a list of carefully screened companies that guarantee that their users will get the kind of cleaning they want when they want it done. Any user can perform a simple search via the app or the website and locate a cleaning company like Handy that is able to show up in their house on a regular basis. This can be an ideal way for the client and the company to connect and have a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both parties. A user will be assured that each week the house will be carefully cleaned by a company that knows how to remove dust and dirt as well as reduce clutter. They know that they can find a company that is able to show up in their house each and every week without fail and make the house look as tidy as possible.

A user of the Handy app can also locate a company that is known to be as reliable as possible. All users are able to set up the kind of cleaning service they want each week. They can also set up the app to provide the user a standing weekly appointment that allows the person to let the cleaning company come to their house at a given moment each week. This can help the person be happy as they know that their house will always be cleaned at least once a week without the need for the client to constantly have to call them each week.

OrganoGold Success Journey, A Word From CEO And Founder Bernardo Chua

The OrganoGold empire has made a breakthrough in coffee, tea and herbal supplement production that transcends the modern world. The originator and principal, Bernardo Chua, most affectionately called “Bernie” is passionate about health. As a Filipino native with a rich Chinese background, Mr. Chua learned much about the potency of “Ganoderma,” a popular herb in Asia. He’s been brewing tea, coffee and other products for everyday benefits. With “Ganoderma” being the main ingredient, he’s concentrated on educating the world about the herb.

Mr. Chua is a phenomenal direct sales expert, and he talks about the state of the industry on his Twitter often, as a result. He’s a great proficient whose adept knowledge and extensive experience has enabled him to produce the best Ganoderma-based health-promoting merchandise. He’d established Gano Excel, another successful enterprise before OrganoGold. Both have generated substantial revenue with the latter creating a buzz worldwide. Mr. Chua initially started his direct selling franchise in his home country, the Philippines. OrganoGold, however, is a Canada-based business which has gained a global reputation.

The success Bernardo Chua has achieved marketing the herbal teas and coffees is an unprecedented achievement. With the world outside Asia being skeptical and investigative, Mr. Chua researched and originated the best business model to market his impressive Ganoderma-based merchandise. He’s a recognized business mogul who has received numerous awards on the behalf of OrganoGold. A sampling of which includes the ” Direct Sales Company of the Year” award, the “National Shoppers Choice” title, the “Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry” and more. The brand OrganoGold has become a leading food supplement producer throughout North America and other regions.

Mr. Chua has focused on refining the OrganoGold line of products and its franchises. He’s remarked that originating produce as beneficial as the OrganoGold coffee and tea varieties wasn’t a trivial undertaking. It required extensive research and the thoughtful ideas of specialists who have successfully studied the herb, “Ganoderma.” With the profound findings after research, he formulated the best supplement that preserved the herbs proprietary ingredients. And, Mr. Chua continues to study the herb with the interest of discovering breakthroughs that he might have overlooked, or any new developments.

He’s centered interest on keeping his products purely organic and health-giving. Mr. Chua has priced OrganoGold merchandise at competitively reasonable rates. And, with the rich, beneficial ingredients it contains, consumers are flocking suppliers. With more than a million distributors spread across the globe, OrganoGold has made its way to nearly every household. Mr. Chua intends to profit from continually researching Ganoderma and improving OrganoGold products as much as possible. He’s confident such an approach will keep it ahead in the market. Canada imposes strict product quality guidelines and Mr. Chua has remarked that it’s helped his company to remain a formidable force of direct marketing industry. His premium tea, coffee, and herbal supplement varieties are of the highest quality.