Dog Food

Feeding your dog high quality and well-balanced food is among the best things you can do as a pet owner. Good dog food keeps a dog’s hair coat sleek ad shiny. It also strengthens the immune system. Above all, it keeps the digestive system in good health. However, when it comes to choosing dog food, the options in the market almost seem endless. Here are a few tips to help you settle on the best dog food for your pup;

Seek Professional Advice

Getting really good food for you dog will require some research and possibly speaking to someone knowledgeable. Typically, a trained nutritionist or a veterinarian are the best resources to help you make the right decisions for your dog food.

Read Ingredients

Before buying any dog food, it is vital to go through the ingredients. Ingredients are usually listed by weight. The ones that have a large amount of moisture content like beef, poultry, fish or chicken are often at the top of the list. The rest of the ingredients are usually at the bottom of the ingredient list even when they offer more nutrients. This is basically where grains are listed. Grains are an excellent source of carbohydrates and are a good energy source for dogs. However, some dogs are allergic to gluten. The ingredient list is important, because it ensures that your dog is having a well-balanced diet and that it is not consuming components it is allergic to.

Buy the freshest food package

After you have picked out the type of food, you have to make sure that the food is fresh. Check the best before by date on the container. Dry food is usually sprayed with fat on the outside to increase it palatability. Fat goes rancid with time and exposure to light and air. Heat also increases the chances of rancidity. The later the sell by date, the better the food. Ensure that the bag is intact and has no holes.

Store dog food properly

Dry dog food should be stored in its original bag in an airtight container and in a cool and dark place. Unopened canned dog food should be kept in cool and dry place. All left over canned food should be stored covered in the refrigerator and opened up dog food should be used in six weeks.

A good dog food brand you can try is Beneful. Beneful is dedicated to bring the joy of play to you and your dog. Beneful stocks both dry and wet dog food and a variety of dog snacks. The packages all come in a variety of proteins like lamb, pork, beef or chicken. The textures also vary from hearty chunks to thinly diced chopped texture. Above all, Beneful is a reputable company with high quality products and the staff is always happy to engage and help customers.

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