OrganoGold Success Journey, A Word From CEO And Founder Bernardo Chua

The OrganoGold empire has made a breakthrough in coffee, tea and herbal supplement production that transcends the modern world. The originator and principal, Bernardo Chua, most affectionately called “Bernie” is passionate about health. As a Filipino native with a rich Chinese background, Mr. Chua learned much about the potency of “Ganoderma,” a popular herb in Asia. He’s been brewing tea, coffee and other products for everyday benefits. With “Ganoderma” being the main ingredient, he’s concentrated on educating the world about the herb.

Mr. Chua is a phenomenal direct sales expert, and he talks about the state of the industry on his Twitter often, as a result. He’s a great proficient whose adept knowledge and extensive experience has enabled him to produce the best Ganoderma-based health-promoting merchandise. He’d established Gano Excel, another successful enterprise before OrganoGold. Both have generated substantial revenue with the latter creating a buzz worldwide. Mr. Chua initially started his direct selling franchise in his home country, the Philippines. OrganoGold, however, is a Canada-based business which has gained a global reputation.

The success Bernardo Chua has achieved marketing the herbal teas and coffees is an unprecedented achievement. With the world outside Asia being skeptical and investigative, Mr. Chua researched and originated the best business model to market his impressive Ganoderma-based merchandise. He’s a recognized business mogul who has received numerous awards on the behalf of OrganoGold. A sampling of which includes the ” Direct Sales Company of the Year” award, the “National Shoppers Choice” title, the “Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry” and more. The brand OrganoGold has become a leading food supplement producer throughout North America and other regions.

Mr. Chua has focused on refining the OrganoGold line of products and its franchises. He’s remarked that originating produce as beneficial as the OrganoGold coffee and tea varieties wasn’t a trivial undertaking. It required extensive research and the thoughtful ideas of specialists who have successfully studied the herb, “Ganoderma.” With the profound findings after research, he formulated the best supplement that preserved the herbs proprietary ingredients. And, Mr. Chua continues to study the herb with the interest of discovering breakthroughs that he might have overlooked, or any new developments.

He’s centered interest on keeping his products purely organic and health-giving. Mr. Chua has priced OrganoGold merchandise at competitively reasonable rates. And, with the rich, beneficial ingredients it contains, consumers are flocking suppliers. With more than a million distributors spread across the globe, OrganoGold has made its way to nearly every household. Mr. Chua intends to profit from continually researching Ganoderma and improving OrganoGold products as much as possible. He’s confident such an approach will keep it ahead in the market. Canada imposes strict product quality guidelines and Mr. Chua has remarked that it’s helped his company to remain a formidable force of direct marketing industry. His premium tea, coffee, and herbal supplement varieties are of the highest quality.

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