Be Bold and Beautiful with Lime Crime

Showing your personality rather than covering this up is the whole idea behind Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded by Doe Deere as a way for women to not only have a way to cover up those imperfections that they may feel they have, but also as a way to show your true personality. This is an aspect that most other makeup companies cannot compete with, as they do not offer the bold, different and truly unique options that Lime Crime is offering to the world.

The Bold…The Beautiful

When most people see Lime Crime on tumblr being in use, the first attention grabber is the options that they have with color. For example, in the Unicorn Lipsticks line a person can choose to utilize Bubblegum Blue, Neon-Coral Pink, or even Metallic Green. Why such bold colors? The entire line of makeup is about being yourself, expressing your personality. Not everyone is going to want to wear a calm nude color as a lipstick, as this does not express their personality and attitude.

The number of combinations that a person has with Lime Crime is never ending. Whether a person decides to wear only a vibrant lipstick, combining this with a beautiful eye shadow or other options, every woman is going to find that she can truly be herself.

Not Your Average Makeup

Makeup that is going to strike a chord with many people and be noticed whenever you walk into a room is just one side of Lime Crime. There is also hair products available that are going to allow you to utilize your hair as a way to showcase your attitude and personality. Colors such as pink, purple, orange, gray and every mermaid hair is an option. To go even further, Lime Crime even provides color options for your makeup when you decide to go with a radical hair color. It is all in an effort to ensure that you can showcase your flirty, fun and funky side of your personality.

More and more women are now realizing that makeup does not mean that you have to look like those models you see in magazines, or that you have to appear to be just like your next door neighbor. Makeup is meant to be fun, to be expressive of your personality, or simply used as a way to be noticed. Women who step out of the confines that regular makeup gives them will find a whole new freedom with the way they look. They will even find more confidence in how they look, and feel free to be bold and to be beautiful.

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