Lacrosse Camps Spring Up For Today’s Skilled Youth

The numbers regarding participation in lacrosse don’t lie. Lacrosse is a growing competition sport in America, and more and more people are becoming first-time players, especially at the high school and college levels. While other sports such as baseball, football and soccer are still very popular in their own right, lacrosse has had some of the fastest growth out of all youth sports in the country. Over the last five years alone over 102,000 male players, and over 77,000 females have become players in this fast growing phenomenon.

When people think of the typical lacrosse player, they think of Ivy League schools, button-down preppy shirts, penny loafers and Izod shirts. Many people think of lacrosse as a regional sport, meant for people going to a ivy league school. But, this is no longer true, and you can find lacrosse players playing in every portion of the country. From sunny California, all the way to the concrete jungles of New York, people are playing lacrosse from all walks of life.

One of the largest growth areas for the sport was the Midwest and Southern states of the United States. In many of those states, growth was seen of 15% to 20% over the course of just two years. There are now over 75,000 new players in the southern region of the United States alone. In states like Michigan, 20% growth in players was seen, and over 8000 individuals are now recognized as the class players in that state. California had an increase just as large, and now ranks close to 15,000 people.

With this increase in the popularity of the sport, and the thousands of players that are being added, there is a need for a place where individuals who are striving to be great at it can be trained by individuals will championship experience in the sport. Training centers like the one Jon Urbana created for Next Level Lacrosse were formed by seasoned players in the sport for youth who showed significant progress in the game, and the need for further training on its various skills and nuances.

Next Level Lacrosse was founded by Jon Urbana, a former player himself. He assembled a team of other knowledgeable and skilled players to help him train the next level of youth lacrosse players. Urbana has been highly decorated in the game himself (and flying), including a noting on the Tewaaraton Award watch list.

More recently, he created a Crowdrise campaign to support Denver’s Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. With a goal of $1,200, all proceeds raised will be sent directly to ARAS as they come in.

The idea and vision of Next Level Lacrosse is simple: to give new or talented lacrosse players a place to learn and pit their skills against players of their own competition and skill level. Many of their drills and coaching sessions are then posted on Urbana’s Vimeo channel. It is a place where both seasoned players and expert players can meet to not only learn from each other, but get better in the presence of each other.

As the game of lacrosse becomes more popular in the United States, there will be the need for more specialized training facilities like Next Level Lacrosse. As skilled players in the game, Urbana and Next Level Lacrosse will make sure that individual players with talent will be nurtured and trained to greatness.

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