Slyce is Slated to Debut an Amazing New Portfolio

Slyce, the Toronto-based internet product recognition company, has just revealed it will be releasing a new slate of products designed to help consumers purchase products from various online retailers. The basic product/image recognition program the company developed employs an app that works in conjunction with a camera on a smartphone. The image taken by the camera can be used to search through online retail websites to find similar products.

Slyce software is being used by Home Depot, JC Penny, and scores of other major retailers. People do find the technology to be extremely helpful and this is driving the popularity.

The various new releases from Slyce are both impressive and innovative. The forthcoming new technology is sure to be extremely popular with a large segment of online consumers.

Slyce Insights is a program that will analyze visual search data, which should be helpful to retailers in examining their sales figures. The Universal Scanner is designed for consumers so they can scan coupons, barcodes, or images to find matches online. The Out-of-Stock Mitigation Tool is in the Beta stage and it is something consumers who get frustrated with “out of stock” merchandise will be very pleased with. The tool sends consumers in the direction of viable alternatives to purchase. The Snap-to-Coupon concept allows people to take a picture of a coupon and then eventually use it online.

Slyce is expanding its portfolio at a rapid pace. Currently, the recently acquired mobile shopping app Pounce sits side-by-side with the fashion discovery app Craves and SnipSnap, a mobile coupon app. The more Slyce makes it easier for customers to purchase things with their mobile devices, the more popular the company will become.

Those who wish to read up on the whole story about the newest trends in image recognition should check out the Yahoo! Finance article that covers the topic in depth or you can visit

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