James Dondero Keeps Highland Capital Afloat

As the CFA of Highland Capital Management Jim Dondero has a very important task. He is one that keeps this company afloat. As investment opportunities change down through the years it is James Dondero that has the responsibility to keep this company performing at a very high level.

Dondero has made sure that his company would remain profitable by offering award winning solutions for the investor that wants to add things like hedge funds and private equity funds to their accounts. He has become a masterful executive that leads his employers in collateralized loan obligation. As the co-founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has helped spearhead this type of market. I admire what he has been able to do from the early years of American Express up until now. He has made some major accomplishments over the years as he managed billion in assets. This gave him the great foundation to become the president of the Highland Capital Management group. He worked in different roles down through the years, and I believe that this is what led to his success. Dondero has more than 30 years of experience, but it is not all in the same area. That can make a big difference. In 1985 Dondero he worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst. He would move up to Portfolio Manager after 1989. He has also worked as a Chief Investment Officer. All of this has allowed him to gain a large realm of experiment in the investment world. He has managed to become a titan in the financial world because he has been able to build up a company that is extremely profitable.

Dondero has also been able to give in his personal life, and this has allowed him to earn the reputation of being a great philanthropist. I admire this quality in business men. They don’t have to do it, but they make a conscious choice to give because they already have so much. I really look up to guys like this because he has been able create a pathway to success for financial leadership.

I think that Dondero is able to make sound decisions in the financial world including for NexBank because he has become one of those people that have become experienced through trial and error. He has managed to improve his Highland Capital Management company because he has been able to see firsthand how a lot of different financial concepts work. His ability to analyze portfolios and create wealth for clients gives him a lot of power. I think that James is a very important part of Highland Capital Management because he represents the face of the company. There are other executives in place, but they may not have the same amount of experience that James Dondero has. There are others that may be able to help clients with a particular portion of their portfolio, but they may not have knowledge in other areas. Dondero, however, has a diverse knowledge base that helps him navigate this company well.

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