Highland Capital Expands to European Markets

With a great demand for venture capital in Europe, Highland Capital Management has recently expanded its operations and services to the region. There are numerous businesses in Europe looking to get funding to help start up and conduct business. With Highland Capital Management, these firms will have the opportunity to reach this goal. At the same time, Highland Capital is able to help itself achieve more success. Venture capital is one of the key aspects of helping the economy improve. In Europe the economy has been in need of economic expansion and getting help from Highland Capital to help with venture capital will help make Europe more prosperous.

Highland Capital Management is a financial services firm based in Dallas, Texas. It also has offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo which helps it establish a worldwide presence in the global financial industry. The firm offers a number of services that help make it one of the top firms in the world. These services include collateralized loan obligations, private equity and also wealth management. By working with Highland Capital Management, high net worth individuals and companies will have the guidance, capital and expertise they need in order to best manage their money.

James Dondero is the the individual who started up and founded the firm known as Highland Capital Management. Jim founded the firm back in the year 1993. When he founded the firm he wanted to build an investment firm that provided financial services that benefit both businesses and individuals. Jim decided to provide services that would help manage large sums of money as well as providing businesses with better ways to invest. As a result his firm grew and became one of the main investment firms clients go to when looking to increase their capital along with better managing their finances.

James Dondero began his career at an investment firm as an entry level trainee. This position gave him the initial experience to build on for the future. He would eventually become the chief investment officer and get valuable experience managing very large sums of money for companies. After getting this experience he would decide to found his own firm which would offer the very tasks to clients he performed at his previous firms. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he got degrees in accounting and finance. James participates in philanthropy in his spare time for causes such as public policy, education and veterans affairs.

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All That Needs to be Known About What Happened during the Press Release on Highland Capital Management

The 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award has recently been given to the Highland Capital Management, L.P. company. They are currently celebrating this great achievement and are very thankful to their team of experts who helped them win this award. The award went to Highland Capital Management’s Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund, which is at the moment being run by Michael Gregory with the help of his team of experts. The category “40 Act fund – equity” was the category in which they won the award.

Highland Capital Management, L.P. was able to win this award thanks to Michael Gregory, his team, the team at Highland Capital Management and Highland Capital Management’s knowledge and experience in the world of investments. When it comes to assets, Highland Capital Management has over $20 billion in assets. Managing assets is one of many things that Highland Capital Management specializes in, and they do great with investment management too. The company is very thankful to all of the employees who helped to make the award possible, and they are also thankful to all of their clients who helped to make it possible too.

Highland’s History

At Highland Capital Management, L.P., it is widely known that in 1993, James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company, and when they did create Highland Capital Management, they had set a goal of being the top business in the industry to handle investments. Credit strategies are now the main focus at the Highland Management company, and they are able to focus on these because they are now recognized as a SEC-registered advisor of investments. Some of the strategies that they are able to focus on in terms of credit strategies are fund of funds, credit hedge funds and long only funds and separate accounts.

Alternative investments are a new thing that Highland Capital Management, L.P. is now taking part in. The many different people at Highland Capital Management are now able to handle natural resources, emerging markets, long/short term equities and many more type of alternative investments. With offices all over the world, even in New York, Dallas, Sao Paolo, Seoul and Singapore, the Highland Capital Management company is able to handle many different clients, including fund of funds, public pension plans, foundations and financial institutions.

James Dondero’s Career and Life

As of right now, James (AKA Jim), has more than 30 years of hands-on experience when it comes to the credit and equity markets, dealing in both high-yield and distressed investment types. The people of the Highland Capital Management, L.P. company have had the pleasure of working with James for a while now, and he currently is the co-founder and president of the company.

American Banknote and MGM Studios have also worked side-by-side with Mr. Dondero, when he worked at the companies as one of the board members. The companies CCS Medical, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare are all companies that James served as a chairman for in the past. Mr. Dondero is a hard-working individual, who anyone would be proud to know and with all of his years of experience and knowledge, he makes a great business man.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes Gives Out Recommended Exercises that Ease Back Pain

Many of the modern jobs require much sitting due to the use of technology. Spending all day sitting especially in a bad posture leads to back pain.
A wrong posture may cause serious problems on the body. Back pain may worsen and become chronic if nothing is medical attention is not sought on time. Additionally, lack of breaks for stretching contributes severe back pain. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, several exercises can aid the body in maintaining an excellent posture besides relieving the back pains. He advises that an individual should not stay in a single posture for long.
According to the medical expert, poor posture is associated with pains such as sciatic pain, neck stiffness, and herniated disc. If not treated they can hamper people’s movement. Dr. Sergio Cortes notes that it is important to be careful about the pains. He also adds that without exercise, it gets hard to lead a life devoid of pain. Dr. Sergio Cortes emphasizes that people should always exercise to keep fit and avert health complications.
Dr. Sergio Cortes suggests that prior to starting any particular exercise; one should seek the help of a specialist. Specialist can tell which exercise is good for that particular person based on his or her needs. This is good for it enables one to avoid injuries that aggravate the pain. Among the exercises that the medical expert suggests include swimming, walking, yoga, pilates and cycling. The exercises help people in maintaining best postures and improving their overall health.
Dr. Sergio Cortes says that some of the exercises such as walking do not require the supervision of a specialist. It only requires the right type of shoes and a correct surface. However, he notes that it is always important to stretch before and after any a workout in order to avoid strains and inflammation.
Dr. Sergio Cortes is a medical expert that has enhanced the health of people in Brazil. He has been the executive secretary for health in Rio de Janeiro. While serving as the health secretary for the state of Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Sergio Cortes coordinated relief programs for the flood victims in the municipality. He also delivered calamity kits and set out preventative measures to caution the population from diseases. In this endeavor, he collaborated with the National Health Force.

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Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility

The Manse on Marsh believes on their website that every family should take the decision of choosing a assisted living facility very seriously. They understand just how important it is to make such a huge decision about your loved one, that is why The Manse on Marsh continues to share the proper resources when it comes to helping families make the right choice for them.

Choosing an assisted living facility can be a long term decision that can make or break the unity of a family. And since there are many living facilities out there, you should take the time to learn about the ones that most interest you. There are many steps you can take in choosing an assisted living facility, lets take a look a the most important ones.

Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility

Before you actually make a decision there are a few things that you should ask yourself before you actually start the process. Figure out if your loved one needs more assistance with their daily needs. Also find out how your loved one feels about their social life. Do they feel alone and isolated? If your loved one worries about their safety at home, and or if they are tired of maintaining their home, then assisted living might be the right direction to go in.

Be sure the staff is great.When you decide to look around at certain living facilities you will want to ask about the staff. Your loved one will be taken care of by people you don’t know, so it’s important that you know who will be taking care of your family. Make sure to interact with the staff members, and watch how they interact with the residents. Make sure that the staff speaks with you, and that they appear genuine.

Does the facility make them feel at home? Are they interested in a large facility that offers more activities, or are they more interested in a small, and cozy residence.

Make sure you find out how health problems are handled. Does the facility offer emergency and non-emergency problems with the same attentiveness? If your loved one was to develop a sickness, would they be able to remain at the facility?

Is the Facility licensed?You will also want to make sure that the facility is in compliance with the local and state licensing requirements. Check with your local regulatory agency to make sure that the facility is in compliance and is licensed.

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing a assisted living facility. The Manse on Marsh has years of expertise, a big positive that Senior Advisor pointed out, when it comes to helping people understand how to choose a reliable, caring and professional assisted living facility. If you and your loved one are now considering getting assistance with daily responsibilities, consider an assisted living facility that has the ability to make life a pleasant one to live.  But always contact them first, to make sure it’s an ideal facility for you.

US Money Reserve And Them Helping The CAFB


US Money Reserve is a distributor of palladium, platinum, gold, and various other precious metals. This company has recently donated money to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas that gives people meals who cannot easily afford them like most people can.

The CAFB of Texas gives out more than twenty-five million pounds of food every year to the 21 counties that it gives out food in. This marks it as one of the largest companies of its kind in Central Texas. There are not many other organizations on the same scale as this company.

US Money Reserve has grown to the size that it is today because of the great quality of the gold and silver that it has provided its customers with throughout the years and also the great customer service policies that customers and clients have been graced with. Many people prefer using US Money Reserve for their precious metal needs and refrain from using other distributors because US Money Reserve is cheaper most of the time.

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US Money Reserve has helped lower the price of numismatic coins of gold, silver, and platinum because they are so cheap on US Money Reserve. There is a phone number that one can call to arrange the purchase and transaction of gold or whatever kind of precious metal they want that US Money Reserve has to offer. There is bullion, coin, and bullion coin that can please pretty much every consumer.

Learning more about the CAFB in Texas and how the US Money Reserve is helping it through Crowdrise can be found all over the here, so go educate yourself about it more by looking this stuff up on a search engine.

The Success of Yeonmi Park’s new Book

There are individuals in this world who are able to really make a difference with the activism work that they do. They push forward the world with their out of the box thinking that brings new ideas to individuals and leaders all over the world. It is very important to notice the contribution that these individuals are making to the world. Yeonmi Park is an activist who has been bringing light to the current living conditions in North Korea for quite some time. Now with her new book she plans on bringing a whole new type of awareness to those who have been in the dark about North Korea.

This book is primed to be one of the most important books on the struggle of North Koreans. There has been a great deal of backlash when it comes to the books publishing, but it has been noted that Yeonmi Park is not backing down from her stance on the book and what it stands for. The leadership that opposes the book will not deter Yeonmi on amazon from her purpose of enlightening the world to what is actually going on in North Korea.

Yeonmi had quite an intense journey when it came to her story of actually leaving North Korea. While in Korea, she was forced to deal with the insecurity of not knowing where here meals were coming from each day. When her mother thought it was time to finally make the journey across the border they took the most opportune time they could and left. Once over the border Yeonmi’s struggles weren’t over yet. She had to deal with the horror of sex trafficking and other brutal realities that haunt her still to this day. Yeonmi Park is now in America and adjusting to some of the luxuries that we tend to take for granted on a daily basis.

Sergio Cortes, MD Helps The People Of Xerém Deal With Flood Issues

Xerém was hit hard by a flood. The State Secretary of Health, Sergio Cortes gave a speech Sunday morning regarding the devastation in the area. It’s been a week of solid downpours and with it has come destruction. There are many shelters still taking people in and as a health official he allowed wanted to make the public aware of areas that could take more homeless.

The Dengue Hydration Center, which is the health center of Xerém, is operating on 15 hour days since last Sunday. They can service over 300 people each day and they have 12 chair that are available for showers. Cortes stands behind the people of the area as they take steps to improve the current conditions. He remains hopeful that they will come through this. He is concerned about the amount of garbage that is lying in the city. It is increasing the issue of mosquitos. Something must be done about this quickly, as mosquitos carry diseases.

Cortes is a Brazilian doctor. With his educational training behind him, he knows the importance of handling a situation like this with delicacy. One bad move and it could make things significantly worse for the people. In a recent meeting with Camillo Junqueria, the health secretary, they decided that they needed to deliver extra calamity cases. They also added an additional 3,000 antibiotic pills to administer to the public to help prevent against leptospirosis.

There have been numerous measures taken by the State’s Department of Health. They want to ensure that the region has teams that are doing surveillance and can help to prevent against disease. Contaminated water, like leptospirosis, and hepatitis A are just a couple of things that can come from tainted floor waters. The risk of other things like flu, diarrhea and meningitis are also a concern.

Cortes urges the people to use bottled water for drinking and food hygiene. The National Force Health will also be assembled to help with this disastrous situation. In the next few days, there will be more calamity kits coming to the region, as well as trained workers who can help battle the flood waters and help the people who lost everything. Xerém has a community help board online that people sending items can check what is needed. Cortes wants everyone to remember safety at this time. Being smart can help prevent against disease and further destruction.

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