Sergio Cortes, MD Helps The People Of Xerém Deal With Flood Issues

Xerém was hit hard by a flood. The State Secretary of Health, Sergio Cortes gave a speech Sunday morning regarding the devastation in the area. It’s been a week of solid downpours and with it has come destruction. There are many shelters still taking people in and as a health official he allowed wanted to make the public aware of areas that could take more homeless.

The Dengue Hydration Center, which is the health center of Xerém, is operating on 15 hour days since last Sunday. They can service over 300 people each day and they have 12 chair that are available for showers. Cortes stands behind the people of the area as they take steps to improve the current conditions. He remains hopeful that they will come through this. He is concerned about the amount of garbage that is lying in the city. It is increasing the issue of mosquitos. Something must be done about this quickly, as mosquitos carry diseases.

Cortes is a Brazilian doctor. With his educational training behind him, he knows the importance of handling a situation like this with delicacy. One bad move and it could make things significantly worse for the people. In a recent meeting with Camillo Junqueria, the health secretary, they decided that they needed to deliver extra calamity cases. They also added an additional 3,000 antibiotic pills to administer to the public to help prevent against leptospirosis.

There have been numerous measures taken by the State’s Department of Health. They want to ensure that the region has teams that are doing surveillance and can help to prevent against disease. Contaminated water, like leptospirosis, and hepatitis A are just a couple of things that can come from tainted floor waters. The risk of other things like flu, diarrhea and meningitis are also a concern.

Cortes urges the people to use bottled water for drinking and food hygiene. The National Force Health will also be assembled to help with this disastrous situation. In the next few days, there will be more calamity kits coming to the region, as well as trained workers who can help battle the flood waters and help the people who lost everything. Xerém has a community help board online that people sending items can check what is needed. Cortes wants everyone to remember safety at this time. Being smart can help prevent against disease and further destruction.

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